Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year's Resolutions + Other Randoms

I have always been a big fan of New Year's Resolutions. It doesn't mean I have always accomplished everything but it does give me something to strive for. In 2014, I did not hit ANY of my goals. So I'm being more realistic this year. Goal's are made to be realistic anyways, right?

Here were my 2014 goals:
$5,000 in Savings
Get Engaged
Publish my Book
Run a 5K
Be at 125lbs
Start a business
Get a raise
Get off Zoloft

Here are my 2015 goals:
Publish my Book
Finish and complete a second book (Not necessarily publish)
Lose 20 pounds by May (Hawaii!)
Exercise 2-3X per week
Be cautious of my gambling habits (Set limits)
Find out what happiness is

My book is currently in the Design stage which takes about 1-2 weeks to complete. I have also started working on another book. You can click HERE to read more about my second book. You can also click HERE to "like" my first book's Facebook page.

Every other blog, or every other few weeks, I am over Kevin and than not completely over Kevin. I do want 2015 to be about me and my happiness. I am not emotionally ready for a new relationship or commitment and that's okay. Sometimes you just need time to heal your heart and that's exactly what I am aiming for. I don't know where or when I will find true happiness but I know it exists and I know when I am ready, I will find it. Or it will find me.

I was so lucky this Christmas and was able to spend it with my family in California! I had the BEST time! This is the second time I have been to California in a month and it is always so nice to visit my Nana, Papa, and cousins! Plus, my Mom, sisters, and brother along with my sisters family were there! I got my Kitchenaide so I can finally stop mixing cupcakes by hand :) :) Click HERE to visit my Cupcake Facebook page! I am looking into expanding my cupcake business in 2015. I told myself that I wanted to give myself one year to establish my cupcake business and actually have a local business that is not out-of-home. This will be August 2015 so we will see what happens. My cousin wanted me to stay in California for good. I told her she had one day to find me a sexy man and I would stay. Unfortunately that didn't happen.

It is New Year's Eve and here I am blogging. I really really want to go out but the last four days I have been sick. I have been so annoyed because it is lingering and just won't go away. I have an ear infection, sore throat, and I sound like a man to be honest. I did go to the Instacare Sunday night and they gave me antibiotics. In the mean time, I'm stuck at home on New Year's Eve. It's okay, I am looking forward to getting some much-needed sleep tomorrow and feeling better. Once that happens, I'll be digging in to my New Year's Resolutions! HAPPY NEW YEAR! :)

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Christmas Holiday - Why am I alone?

The holidays are supposed to be full of happiness and excitement. I have come to the conclusion that I am 82% happy. I am not me. I am not my old self. I miss what was my other half. I miss what was love. I miss what was. I have to stop lying to myself. I miss Kevin. I would never get back with him but I have been thinking about him SO much lately. It's actually pretty ridiculous. I had several dreams about him. One being that he brushed off the fact that he had a girlfriend and wanted to get back with me. He haunts me. I try and move on and there he is. We had a mutual friend on Facebook and I HAD to delete him because I responded to something he said, and right above me was Kevin's comment.

I do enjoy being single. Sometimes. Sometimes, like now, I just want to call someone. I want to tell someone all about my day. I want to snuggle. But I can't. It's just different. And I understand that I need to move on but I think I tried to move on too quickly. I am meant to be single right now. I like a few guys, yeah, but I need someone that needs me and there is not anyone at this point that really needs me. I understand that takes time and it's been almost three months since the breakup. Three months is not long at all! (Especially compared to two weeks which is how quickly he had a "girlfriend")

Last night was my works Christmas party at the Aquarium. Amanda, KC, and the three littles went and we had a BLAST. But, there was that part of me that wanted to go with a date. I wish someone liked me. Like really, really liked me. That is the whole package. According to KC, my perfect man has a reseeding hairline and likes sports. Haha. That seems to be the type of guy I go for.

While I am on the verge of venting, I am *hopefully* a few weeks away from publishing my book. It has been such a hard and long and frustrating process. The publishing that was supposed to take a month and a half has taken 2-3 months and it's not even complete. They wanted me to pay an additional $300 on top of the $1,000 that I just got done paying them because I had 60 images in my book. They were able to cut that in half and I just paid that today. I also had to remove several images for possible copyright issues. They wanted me to get permission from a photography company that took our picture in the 1980's. I didn't know that had to happen nor do I want to go through another process or wait on the process so I just removed the images. Tomorrow I will know if my final document is approved and will move to the next step of Design. My new goal (Even though I wanted this done a year ago) is to have my book published by January 10, 2015 which will be 12 years of my Dad being gone.

I will keep you updated. In the mean time, you can follow updates on my Facebook page:

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Living Single and Enjoying Single

Two months ago I never thought I would be at this point.
I am back to my normal self and I am starting to enjoy things.
I go on dates, take care of myself, relax, and bowl every Sunday.
The past two weeks have been AMAZING. Like really beyond amazing.

A week and a half ago to celebrate my birthday, Sister Amanda, KC, and the three girls went to Vegas and California with me. I did not realize how much I needed my California family. Nana and Amanda took it upon themselves to have a birthday celebration for me at my favorite pizza place - Klondike's! Then back home for cake and ice cream. I have never felt more love than that night. And to have Morgan there too was great. He is an amazing person.

Last week was my birthday week and I celebrated by getting a massage, shopping, and going to the Jazz game with Jason. I could not have asked for a better birthday. And being single did not stop me from having a great time. Believe it or not, Kevin did text me on my birthday. I didn't feel excitement. I didn't feel sad. I just felt like....him not being with me is his loss. And I would never go back to him.

I bowled my high of 120 (lame, I know!) last week when I went bowling on a date. I have actually enjoyed bowling outside of my league. I am going bowling again Thursday and it's really helping me build confidence in my game. Last week I was five pins away from another 300 series.

Sunday was Emerson's 3rd birthday party. I bought her a Utah Jazz outfit and we went to the second Utah Jazz game for her this season. She liked it more the first time but I love spending quality time with my nieces. Her birthday party was Frozen-themed and Amanda hired an Elsa to sing with the kids and take pictures. Eme was SO happy! She had her dress and crown and I was so happy to see her as a little princess. She is a princess and I love those girls more than anyone will ever know.

Last week was busy with dates and fun and this week I am okay with relaxing, watching Jazz games and working out. Everyone says to "focus on you" and I don't like that. Instead, I am just living day by day and not focusing on a relationship. If it happens, it happens. I am not forcing anything and I am just having fun. I do not want to settle down right now. And two months ago, I would not have said this, but this feeling of contentment is one thing that I am thankful for.


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