Saturday, January 10, 2015

Freebies 2015

Some of you may not know but, although I am not an extreme couponer and I am not cheap, I love to win things! Most of the time I win things through Facebook contests and giveaways/sweepstakes. Last year I won quite a bit and I wanted to start from the beginning of January 2015, and share everything I receive this year in a blog post. Let's see if it's worth putting time into. Here is what I have won so far in 2015:

- $25 Texas Roadhouse gift card -- Used in March 2015
- Fabric patterns (Valued at $100+) Sold to my sister for $10
- Animal applesauce containers - Sold to my sister for $5
- Downtown Abbey prize pack- Over $100 value -- Sold all for $30
- Digital Kitchen Scale - Sold for $10
-A necklace + Two Earrings from an Etsy Shop
-Free E-Book
- $25 Etsy gift card - Eve of Joy
-Two tickets to the Utah State Basketball game (Couldn't go, didn't pick up tickets)
-Burlap Pillowcase - Gave to my sister
-All Natural Chapstick
-Downloadable Planner
-One silver and one gold ring
-Three sprinkles, three frosting, cupcake liners, decorating tips
-Five coupons (Free Snickers, Purex, Stain Remover, and similar)
-Nausea pills
-Silicone lids (four)
-Pet groomer
-Book of different flowers(Received)
-200 beads(Received)
-$25 Target gift card (Used in April 2015)
-One night stay at Mariott hotel (Provo) and a $60 gift card to Tucanos (Used in May 2015)
-Headphones (have not received)
-Surprise gift (have not received)
-0-3month crochet booties (Sold for $5)
-Sweetworks package (sixlets, Baking Cakes book, bubble gum, candy, etc)
-$25 Fandango Gift card (Used)
-$30 Ruby River Gift card
-Children's E-book
-$25 Gift Card to Target (Used on May 13, 2015)
- Publisher Plus for Mac $40 value (Gave to a friend)
-Godiva Chocolates for Mom for Mother's Day (Ate)
-Silver necklace with my initials (Kept)
-Cup for toddler (for my niece)
-Birthday Celebration Cards (Received)
-Maya the Bee DVD (for niece)
-One year iBlog E-subscription
-Bear and fragrance (haven't received)
-$25 Walmart Gift Card (haven't received)
-Eighteen Yogurts (Gave to my nieces)
-Posh Wash Pack (Received in July)
-Anavita Skincare (Received in July)
-Whale Bath Cushion (For little Timmy)
-$10 gift certificate to a salon/spa (purchased nail polish - pink and red - in July)
-$20 paypal cash (Received in July)
-Four tickets to Eagle Mountain Rodeo (couldn't go)
-Dreamboats Gifts (received)
-90 Minutes in Heaven Book (won August 26, 2015, received)
-Pet Supplements (Won in September 2015, Received)
-DVD Movie Grand Prize Giveaway (Won in September 2015, Received 11 DVDs!) 
-Grey Ribbed Dress with Navy Sleeves(Won in September 2015, Received)
-One Z Nursing Pillow (To sell, $59 value, Won in September 2015, Received)
-Two jewelry holders (Won in September, Received)
-Ballet Shoes (For my little sis for Christmas, Won in September, received)
-Hand Felted Wrap (Won in September, Received) 
-White hat (Won in September, Received) 
-A pair of earrings (Won in October, Received) 
-Life and Other Near-Death Experiences book (Won in October, received)
-PAW Patrol DVD (Won in October, received)
-A meal package from Stonewire Authentic Flatbread (Won in October, received)
-Won a book of choice (Won in October, received)
-Free Iced Tea Sample (Won in October, received, gave to Andrea)
-Sleep Matters book (Won in October, received)
-Hair,Skin,Nails (Won in October, received, sold for $15)
-Puzzingo (Won in November)
-A Piece of my Heart is in Heaven necklace (Won in November, Received)
-One free subscription to Spanish for Kids (Won in November)
-Hog Wild Toy (Won in November, Received in November, gave to Eme for birthday)
-A cup with Elli's name on it (Won in November)
-One year Entertainment Weekly Magazine Subscription and Probiotic (won in November)
-Three Adult Jammies/Socks set (Won in December)

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