Sunday, September 27, 2015

Seven Days - The Virus

I have been sick for seven days. This would be okay if I actually had energy and didn't want to sleep all day. I missed two days of work, worked-from-home one day, and then got sent home early when I did go into the office. This reminds me of a repeat of last Christmas where I was sick for two weeks. I had a massive ear infection followed by the sore throat and cough. This time it is the sore throat, cough, ears plugging, sinuses, and exhaustion. I went to the Doctor two days ago and he said it sounds like I have a virus that could last 5-14 days and gave me prescription cough medicine. If I don't get better in five days, he said he will prescribe antibiotics. So the last week all I have literally done is eat, sleep, and watch football. Sounds like the life for some I guess.

This also means I didn't go out this past weekend - although sometimes watching Football is more fun than going out :) I watched the Utes destroy Oregon, BYU losing, and Broncos will be playing in just a few hours. I have been very lonely as you can probably guess. No one wants to be around me because I'm sick and I have a hard time going anywhere because even shaving my legs drains all of my energy. I slept 12 hours last night and could still sleep for hours more. I did win a dress from a boutique this week and I did sell a shirt so those were my two highlights this week. New York is in three weeks and I cannot even believe it! I am so excited. I just hope this cold and virus is 100% gone or I will be miserable.

I am the type that can only be at home for a few days before I start going crazy. I am well beyond that point. I did go to a Boutique yesterday and did a few errands which could explain my exhaustion today. I have spent a lot of money because since I only leave the house to do errands, that usually requires spending money. If not, then I am online buying clothes :) Being sick has several downsides.

I went to the State Fair last Sunday - it was the last day and I really wanted to go so I called one of my guy friends (I won't provide his name) knowing that he would probably go. We had a good time. Had a lot of food and it was really really good - especially the funnel cake. He spent the night which was obviously really good. Then he came back over the next day and same thing. Then, I don't hear anything. Keep in mind him and I have been hanging out the last month or two so it's not just one time and that's it. Haven't heard from him all week. No reason behind it. Then see a picture of him and his ex-girlfriend on Facebook. That's the reason. Maybe I was just being used this whole time. But I did have a dream last night that he got this girl from High School pregnant. I told him last night not to talk to me again and then, of course, today regretted it. I messaged him and just told him that I felt like I was being ignored. Still haven't heard anything. The #1 thing that I absolutely cannot stand is being ignored. ESPECIALLY when I don't know if I did anything or what I did. If I did something, tell me. Instead, my mind wanders and I'll probably dream that you got with someone else and she's having your baby. Just sayin'. But the message did explain how I felt and so I do feel a little better letting him know.

In two months and five days, I will be in Paradise with Ryan. I am so excited to see him and my cousin in Hawaii for my birthday! I literally can't stop thinking about that trip and also have dreams about it. I haven't seen Ryan in over 10 years so it's exciting and nerve-wracking to think about! But being single, why not do something new or why not be daring? Do things that I wouldn't normally do. December 2 can't come soon enough!

I went to Gracie's last weekend with Andrea. Wow so much fun. It was pretty cool because we LITERALLY had guys lined up waiting to dance with us. That has never happened before. I have never had so many guys that actually wanted to talk to me and dance. But it was nice to have that after a month and a half of not being there. It was a nice little break but once I feel better, I'm sure I will want to go back out and dance. I feel like I have missed out on so much!  

I'll catch you up again when I'm not sick. x0x0

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Losing Weight Challenge and Goals

On Monday August 24, I went to the doctor and she said the scale cannot go up. I have been working hard at losing weight. I weighed in at 153lbs at the doctors office.

Mid-October I will be going to New York and for my birthday in December, I will be going to Hawaii. I want to look good and feel good by the time those days come. Below is my own tracking and updates since August 24. This is for my personal motivation and updated every day or every other day.

Goal = Workout 3X a week, get off birth control, drink more water than Coke

Monday August 25=Went to the gym, had about 1400 calories

Wednesday August 26= Did power yoga

Thursday August 27=Had over 50oz of water, two and a half coke zeros, went to a concert and did not eat anything there

Friday August 28 = Had over 50oz of water, only one and a half coke zeros, about 1700 calories

Saturday August 29=145.5lbs, 180+subway sandwich

Monday August 31= 147lbs after all meals for the day, had 85oz of water and feeling lighter

September 1=145lbs

September 2=Worked out and burned 600 calories, said no to a doughnut!

September 3=145.5lbs

September 6=145.5lb, walked outside for one hour, Accomplished goal of working out 3X this week, had more water than Coke Zero today, did not take birth control pill

September 7=144lbs

September 10=Went to the gym and walked outside, burned 316 calories and walked almost 4 miles

September 11=Said no to a donut and said no to Waffle Love at work

September 12=Walked almost 3 miles, about an hour, outside. Accomplished working out 3X this week goal, did not eat anything until 2pm, only had two Coke Zeros

September 13=Burned 378 calories, worked out 4X this week:)

September 14=Burned 250 calories, did weights, squats, lunges. Went to Olive Garden and made better food choices. Drank 75+ ounces of water.

September 16= Burned 300 calories doing cardio, did weights and squats. Drank at least 75 ounces of water. Drank 48 ounces of Coke Zero. Worked out 3X this week already!

September 19(Sat)=145lbs, went out and danced for 3 hours last night, slept until 11am this morning, said no to ice cream last night, went out to dinner last night but did not eat all of it (saved some for today). Next week I plan on eating better. I went out to eat probably 4-5 times this week.
*Weight goal tomorrow: 144lbs*

September 23=146lbs Been sick the past 2.5 days so have not worked out. Unfortunately, my eating habits are still there so I have still been eating quite a bit.
Breakfast=PB Bar and Fiber One Bar 340 calories
Lunch=Subway sandwich and Apples
Snack=Fiber One Bar and Dried Mix Berries= 290
Dinner=Three pieces of Little Caesars Pizza 840 calories, Kiddie size Reese's Ice Cream
Only TWO Coke Zeros.

September 24=
Breakfast:Fiber One Bar, 90 Calorie Fiber One Bar
Lunch:Two pieces of pizza, Cheetos
Arctic Circle Ice Cream=
Eggs, hashbrowns, toast/jelly, sausage=

September 25=
Three pieces of Pizza=840 calories
A cinnamon Roll=300 calories Est.
Orange Juice=330
One Airhead=60 Calories
Fiber One Bar=90 Calories
Two Coke Zeros
One Fig Newton=60 Calories
Cheetos+Pringles=250 Calories
Two Starburst Pack=80 Calories
One Orange=62 Calories
80 Calorie Bar=82 Calories
One Mini Skittles Pack=61 Calories
Estimated Daily Calories=2,217
Estimated Calories to Maintain Weight=1,800

September 26=
Quest Bar=170 Calories
Starbursts=120 Calories
Orange Juice=110 Calories
Frozen Pizza=670 Calories
Cinnamon Chips=140
Two Healthy Oatmeal Cookies= Homemade
Estimated Daily Calories=1,470+Cookies
Estimated Calories to Maintain Weight=1,800

September 27=
146lbs, have not worked out in one week since being sick, slept 12 hours
Quest Bar=170 Calories
Applesauce=80 Caloriess
Starbursts=120 Calories
Frozen Pizza=750
Fiber One Bar=90
PB&J=300 Calories
One Healthy Oatmeal Cookie
Fiber One Bar=90
Estimated Daily Calories=
Estimated Calories to Maintain Weight=1,800

September 28=
1100 Calories + 3 Healthy Cookies at Work
Two pieces of Papa Johns Pizza=480 Calories
Two Cookies=380
1100+860=1960+Three Oatmeal Cookies
Estimated Daily Calories=1,960+Cookies
Estimated Calories to Maintain Weight=1,800

September 30=
1889 Calories

October 1= I have a 30-Day trial pack of Plexus and going to start this Saturday (October 3)
1599 Calories

October 2= 147lbs, 1730 Calories, I have gained several pounds due to being sick for almost two weeks and not being able to work out.

October 3=146lbs, was gonna start Plexus today but didn't eat much anyway. I only have a 10-day supply instead of 30-day. Calories: 1490 Estimated Calories to Maintain Weight=1,800
Goal tomorrow *144lbs*

October 4=145lbs, 1710 calories- the last four days I have been under 1800 calories :) Did not start Plexus.

October 5=145lbs, 1799 calories, worked out for the first time in two weeks and burned 230 calories=1569! 

October 6=144.5lbs, 1690 calories

October 7=145lbs, 1770 calories

October 8=145lbs, 1770 calories, played softball for an hour, weighed 146lbs at night after dinner

October 9=145.5lbs, 1700 calories, weighed myself after work and before dinner and weighed the same. Said no to ice cream, said no to cinnamon roll.

October 10=144lbs, danced at Gracie's last night for a few hours and slept until noon
1715 calories, went to the BYU game and did not eat anything there.

October 11=144lbs, 1740 calories, went to the gym and burned 200 calories doing cardio, did weights and squats as well. Total calories = 1540

October 12=144lbs, 1760 calories, I thought things would get better over time but I still love food and still want to eat everything in sight :) I did say no to cupcakes and ice cream today so hopefully my body likes me for that :)

October 13=144.5lbs,1690 calories

October 14=145lbs, 1770 calories

October 15=145lbs, on my way to New York, 1765 calories
Had pretzels on the flight
Two fat-free Fig Newtons
Two packs of 140 calorie Animal Crackers/Cookies
A few grapes
One Yogurt
One Smores Quest Bar
Had a Luvo sandwich for lunch with quinoa, hummus, black rice salad, and roast turkey on the flight
Had most of a Chocolate Chip cookie on the flight
Lean Cuisine

October 16=2710 calories but I did walk about 7 hours (Time Square - probably 3 miles total, also includes 3-4 floors in stores + six floors in the Museum)

October 17=1790 calories, walked and stood for four hours (Bus, Chelsea Market, etc.)
October 18=1800, walked up and down three flights up stairs and up 20+ rows at NFL game
October 19=1400 calories+ four Biscoff cookies - did not eat dinner
October 20=145lbs, happy to report that I did not gain ONE single pound on my trip! I weighed 146lbs tonight after dinner!
October 21=145lbs, after work and before dinner, same weight. Usually I'm about two pounds more. 1670 calories+ almost all of a huge cookie.
Octobrer 22=144lbs, had a HUGE lunch at Noon so all I have had since is one questbar and a cupcake.
October 23=145lbs
October 24=145lbs, 1120+cupcake (300??) = 1710
October 24=144lbs, 1825 calories
October 25=?? Didn't get to weigh myself, just 145lbs at night after eating all meals
October 28=144.5lbs
October 29=144lbs
October 30=144lbs
November 1=144lbs
November 3=144lbs, 1670 calories *worked out* Goal by Hawaii: 140lbs
November 4=144lbs, 1980+Apples. For dinner I had an Archer Farms Sandwich, a few Apples and Shakeology Strawberry pack. Felt pretty good after I ate.
November 5=145lbs, when I weighed myself at night before dinner, 144lbs, 1803 calories
November 6=144lbs, 1485+Popsicle
November 7=144lbs
November 9=144lbs
November 10=145lbs, 550+3 pieces of pizza(670?)+one piece of pumpkin pie(200?)+ Shakeology(130)=1550?? Weighed myself around 8pm, 145lbs
November 11=146 :( :( Yikes! 1823 calories
November 12=145.5, 1684 calories
November 13=146, 2074 calories, went dancing
November 14=146, 1,620 calories
November 15=147 (What happened!!), burned 500 calories at the gym, ate 1880 calories-500=1380, took Plexus which is a weight loss supplement. Water intake: 34oz
November 16=146, 1900 calories (ish), took a Plexus pill, 145lbs before dinner
November 19=147, 1765 calories, two Plexus pills
November 20=146, 1,800 calories, one Plexus pill
November 21=145, 810 calories+ dinner/dessert at Buffalo Wild Wings
November 22=145.5, 1771 calories
November 24=1800 calories, 145lbs at night before dinner
November 25=144lbs, 1750 calories
November 26=144lbs
November 27=144lbs, 1560 calories
November 28=145lbs, 1,900ish calories
November 29=145lbs, 1,862 calories
December 1=2,160 calories, 146lbs at dinner
December 3=145lbs with clothes on
December 4=145lbs, 950 calories
December 5=145lbs
December 12=146lbs
December 15=146lbs, 1630 calories
December 16=145.5, 1880-300 calories burned = 1580+50=1630
December 22=145.5 *GYM*
December 27=145, 1,760 *GYM*
January 2=145
January 3=144


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