Friday, January 29, 2016

What a week!

I won't even lie. This week was so stressful. I can't necessarily pinpoint a certain thing but I feel that it may be a combination of events. I feel like I have completely changed my life the last 29 days. Or events in my life have changed the last 29 days. It's funny how one second I can be super excited and the next, super sad and depressed. Unfortunately, it was this whole week. I did go to the Jazz game with my niece, Emerson, on Monday, and then the Jazz game again on Wednesday with Jared. I had fun but there is still a part of me that isn't used to this new lifestyle. I guess you can say that I am dating someone who is very special to me. It's in the early stages so I won't go on and on, but he makes me extremely happy. I am not out every weekend like I was last year. It's been at least 2-3 weeks since I have been out dancing or out at the club. This is just a new routine and new life. Although I had fun dancing all the time and meeting new people, there comes a point where I have to settle down. And that's what I'm trying to do right now. But it is completely difficult to do something routine for a year or more and then completely stop. I am happy to stop. It's just....different.

Also, Mom gets married in a week and a half. It still blows my mind that it's really happening and I know our relationship will change. It already has. I was thinking about this last night. We used to talk everyday or every other day. Now it's maybe once a week. I guess that's what happens when you are in a serious relationship (almost marriage). You focus on one person. Not a bad thing. Just once again...different.

Then there are the relationships with my girlfriends. Andrea and I have not talked in about a week and a half. I won't bore you with that argument. I do miss her SO much but I don't miss the drama and the arguments. Andrea deleted me from all social channels and "accidentally" texted me last weekend in which I did not respond to her. Krista and I have been friends and co-workers for quite some time. Probably 3-4 years. A few months ago she messaged me on Facebook and asked if I could hang out. I had plans so I told her that. The last thing she said to me was, "I'm not going to ask you to hang out anymore. You always bail out. Anyway...." If her and I had plans, then it would be okay or more justifiable for her to say that. Since we hadn't planned anything, I once again felt validated for not talking or responding to her. She reached out to me a few times the past few months but also blocked/deleted me from social channels. I do feel alone at times but I would rather be alone than have to deal with unnecessary drama.

I am grateful for Fridays. I am grateful for weekends so my body and mind can reset. Although times get tough, or different, it shouldn't make your life horrible. I have to learn to roll with the punches and know that life won't always go the direction I want it to go. Just had to vent! x0x0

Monday, January 18, 2016

Because I'm Happy

Friday: Tonight I feel like a blog post. Just because. Life has been so incredibly busy yet so good. Time has been spent on myself lately. I have gone to the gym the last four out of five days, took my niece to the Jazz game last night and finally get a night to just do whatever I want. And it feels amazing. It's the weekend, I'm not on-call, I went and worked out, showered, and here I am watching the Kardashians in my sweats. Amazing.

Sunday: I sometimes enjoy 3.5-day weekends. Especially since they don't happen that often. I also spent this weekend at the Jazz game with Jared. I met him two weeks ago at Liquid Joe's and I have to say, things have been good. I was thinking way too in-depth about how the game would go, things I would say, things that would happen, yet everything seemed to have happened better than I expected. The movie that we watched after was Inside Out which was the cutest* movie ever :)

Today consisted of working out (I'm on a serious roll here!), tanning, cupcakes (I did some experimenting since I'm making cupcakes for Mom's wedding in three weeks!), and watched the Jazz go into 2OT (unfortunately lost but it was an awesome game)! It's been a great weekend and another short week this week for me!

I have been focusing quite a bit on my cupcakes lately and loving it! I have had a few friends ask about cupcakes for their wedding in the summertime and I have two orders this weekend! One is Sophia the First and one is a Horse-theme! If you are interested in cupcakes - or to see my work, feel free to visit my Facebook page:!

The two guys that were previously mentioned in my blog I am no longer talking to. I am feeling positive changes and a new me in 2016. Sounds cliche, I know. So far it's been off to a great start. I have eliminated negativity from my life and looking forward to the future and what the future holds. Besides the resolutions that I set on the first of this month, I am also really focusing on not putting things off. Especially when it comes to things in my home. I have been cleaning more, making certain things a priority, and doing things even if I don't feel like it. I have been working out more and feeling great!

I have realized lately that what I want in a boyfriend/husband/SO, is nothing that should be compromised. If someone really wants to talk to me, they wouldn't be okay with not talking to me for a month or two. They also wouldn't be rude to me and have high expectations. Like impossible expectations. We are human. We make mistakes. (to make it up I'll do whatever it take...I love you like a fat kid love cake.....) We do things that we shouldn't do and do things that we don't realize we do. I deserve the best. I deserve a wonderful person and I am so much happier realizing this. <3 nbsp="" p="">

Things to look forward to:
1. It's a short week!
2. Cupcakes this weekend!
3. Working out + Losing Weight!
4. Family being here in 3 weeks for Mom's wedding!
5. Cousin and her family + Stephen out here in 4 weeks! 

Anyways, I'm going to go finish watching Miss. Congeniality (because, believe it or not, I DO watch movies!) :) x0x0

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Freebies 2016

Below is a list of Freebies that I have won in 2016. If you have any questions about the freebies and how I get them, please leave a comment below!

1 Free Bridal Magazine Issue (Received)
Travel Kit - Eye Mask, Travel Pillow, Aromatherapy Candle, and Socks (Received)
1 Year ESPN Magazine Subscription (Received)
$25 Brio Tuscan Grille GC (Received)
iMagnet Magnetic Mount (Received)
Case of Vegetable Chips/Crackers (Received)
Face Cleanser (Received)
Tupperware (Received)

Two (2) bags of barkTHINS 4.7 oz. snacking chocolate multiple varieties Signed poster from Dave Mathews
barkTHINS tee
barkTHINS branded USB plug
TOTAL VALUE: $435.00 (Received)

Amazon Gift Card $25 (received, used)
BeFit Nutritional Pack
Seat Gap Filler (Received)
$50 Gift Card to Bed, Bath, and Beyond (received, used - wall decor, candle melts)
Four Brian Regan tickets (Sold for $200)
Avocado Knife Colori (have not received)
Two books: "London Art Chase" & "Dolphin Wish"
Digital copy of City of Angels & Discontent by Sean Austino!
$15 Amazon GC for taking a survey on LinkedIn (Bought Clif Energy Bar 6-Pack and Luna Bar 6-Pack and paid $1.62)
Flip Flops 
$10 credit to (Necklace, paid $20, saved $10)
Utah Utes Hat
Autographed book
Honeymoon 1500T Solid Brushed Microfiber 4PC bed sheet set, sheet and pillowcases - White, King (Received)
Won four tickets to the Grizzlies Hockey Playoff Games (Used two)
Won Meet-and-Greet Passes and tickets for the Hook and Sling show. (Could not go)
Essential Oil (Received)
Calm Drinks (3) (Sold for $25)
Eye Serum (received)
Paperback Book (received)
Hot Cocoa (Received)
It Works Cleanse (Received)
Pitbull Concert Tickets (Need to pick up)
"I love you to the moon and back" Bracelet (Received)
Protein Bars
$10 Amazon Gift Card (used)
Whey Protein ($120 value, sold one for $8)
Two Parade of Homes passes (Received and used)
$25 paypal cash (Received)
Two tickets to a Pre-BBQ and concert series in the Summer (Sold for $50)
Two Tickets to a pre-screen of The Shallows. (Didn't go)
48 Colored Pencil Set (received)
A wine bag (received)
Two E-books
Layered Necklace (Received)
Two tickets to the Salt Lake Parade of Homes (Sold for $20)
Tailgate size Cornhole (Received, sold for $70)
Lunchbox Pack (Received, sold for $8)
Peppa Pig Gift Pack (Received)
Meet and Greet Sublime and Rome (Best FREEBIE EVER!!!)
$5 Amazon Gift Card (received)
Marvel Teebox (received)
A pack of 12 sodas from Gift Hounds (Sold for $12)
Tank top from POM (haven't received)
Two tickets to a comedy show (didn't use or sell)
Gray shirt
$60 Visa GC (Received, using)
Three piece luggage set (Sold for $100)
"Boo" sign (Sold for $5)
Four tickets to the Crazy Corn Maze (Didn't use or sell)
Bahari Bag (received)
Nail polish
Custom Facial from Springville Dermatology (Didn't use yet)
$100 Gift Card to Diamond Bakery Hawaii (Used)
Bag of Sour Jacks (Didn't receive)
Two tickets to see Lucas Graham at the Complex (Didn't go or sell)
Carolina® Rice dish, a 2lb bag of Carolina® Jasmine Rice, and a 2lb bag of Carolina® Basmati Rice.
BYU Shirt + Free carwash
Set Games 

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Losing Weight Goals - January 2016

On Monday August 24, 2015, I went to the doctor and she said the scale cannot go up. I have been working hard at losing weight. I weighed in at 153lbs at the doctors office.

After that, there were two reasons why I wanted to lose weight. One was obviously for my health and the other was because I was going to Hawaii over my birthday a month ago.

I ended up not going to Hawaii because of how sick I was, but health has still been my focus and goal. Below is my weight information and the changes. As of today, January 3, I weigh 144 pounds. My scale and the doctors scale is about three pounds apart. My goal this year is to be down to 130. I know I can do it and I have done it before. Being vulnerable and opening up about my weight is the only realistic way that I can lose weight. The most I weighed last year was 155 pounds.

January 2 = 145 pounds, 1513 calories, burned 377 calories at the gym + dancing
January 3 = 144 pounds, 1600 calories
January 4= 144 pounds, 1760 calories
January 5=144 pounds, less than 1800 calories
January 6=144 pounds
January 7=144 pounds, 1650 calories
January 8=145 pounds
January 9=145 pounds, 1320 calories, went to the gym*
January 10=146 pounds, 1840 calories + IHOP Breakfast sampler at 2am (1500+ calories)
January 11=146 pounds, 1297 and went to the gym*
January 12=146 pounds, 1550 *went to the gym
January 13=144.5 pounds, 1475 calories *went to the gym
January 14=146 pounds
January 15=146 pounds, *went to the gym
January 16=144 pounds
January 17=144 pounds, 1,695 calories
January 18=144 pounds, 1430 calories *went to the gym
January 19=145 pounds, 2340 calories
January 20=145 pounds, 1690 calories *went to the gym
January 21=144 pounds, 1800 calories
January 22=144 pounds, 2150 calories
January 23=144 pounds, About 1500 calories
January 24=143 pounds** About 1930 calories, weighed 143 pounds at 8pm
January 26=146 pounds, 1699 calories, 144 pounds at night, *went to the gym
January 27=144 pounds, too many calories :)
January 28=144 pounds, 1625 calories *went to the gym
January 29=143.5 pounds (fit into jeans that are usually tight on me!)
January 30=144 pounds, 1790 + small popcorn *went to the gym
January 31= 144 pounds, 1726 *went to the gym

Total pounds lost: 1 pound
Lowest weight: 143.5 pounds

February 1=144 pounds 1879 calories
February 3=143 pounds
February 4=144 pounds, *went to the gym
February 5=142.5 pounds
February 6=142.5 pounds, 2,380 calories *went to the gym
February 7-10=144.9 pounds
February 11=144.9 pounds, 143.9 pounds at night
February 13=142.7 pounds
February 14=142.7 pounds
February 15=142.7 pounds *went to the gym
February 16=142.7 pounds *went to the gym
February 17=144.9 pounds
February 18=143.7 pounds *went to the gym
February 19=144.3 pounds
February 21=144.9 pounds *danced at night
February 22=143.7 pounds
February 24=143.6 pounds, 750 calories
February 25=1,830 calories, *went to the gym and burned 413 calories
February 27=144.9 pounds *sick :( 1733 calories
February 28=144 pounds, 1,700 calories
February 29=144 pounds, 1700 calories

Total pounds lost: 0 pounds
Lowest weight: 142.5 pounds

March 1: 144.3 pounds, 1795 calories *sick
March 2: 144 pounds, 1600 calories *sick
March 3: 144 pounds, 1750 calories *sick
March 4: 144 pounds *sick
March 5: 144 pounds *sick, less than 1800 calories
March 6: 144 pounds *sick, 1085 calories
March 7: 144 pounds, *gym 1602 calories
March 8: 143.8 pounds
March 9: 143.4 pounds, 1730 calories, *gym
March 10: 143.8 pounds, 1595 calories, *gym
March 11: 143.4 pounds
March 12: 143.2 pounds, 610-400 burned=1710 calories *gym *dancing
March 13: 142.5 pounds, 2070 calories
March 14: 143.2 pounds, 1599 calories *gym
March 15: 142.7 pounds, 1660 calories *gym
March 16: 143.4 pounds
March 17: 144.9 pounds *California
March 18: 144.9 pounds
March 19: 144.9 pounds, 1465 *gym, burned 400 calories
March 20: 146.7 pounds *after Mcdonalds breakfast, 2,470 calories *gym, burned 400 calories
March 21: 143.4 pounds *gym, burned 400 calories
March 22: 143.4 pounds, 1675 calories
March 23: 143.4 pounds, 1665 calories *gym, burned 400 calories
March 24: 141.8 pounds, 1740 calories
March 25: 142.3 pounds
March 26: 144.7 at 5pm, did not weigh myself in the morning, 1760 calories
March 27: 142.1 pounds, Easter Sunday
March 28: 141.8 pounds, 1725+Apples and Caramel
March 29: 141.4 pounds
March 30: 141.6 pounds, 1685 calories *gym, burned 210 calories, Goal by tomorrow: 140 pounds
March 31: 141.8 pounds, *Started Nutrisystem, 1650 calories, weighed 142.8 pounds before bed

Total pounds lost: 2.5 pounds
Lowest weight: 141.4 pounds

April 1: 141.4 pounds
April 2: 141 pounds, 1400 calories
April 3: 139.2 pounds (My goal by March 31 was 140 pounds and I did not reach that, but happy I reached it on Nutrisystem and one pound over my goal three days after my goal), 1490 calories
April 4: 139.2 pounds, 1530 calories
April 5: 139.9 pounds, 1335 calories
April 6: 139.6 pounds, 1560 calories + Apples & Strawberries
April 7: 138.5 pounds, 1555 calories + Apples
April 8: 139.2 pounds, 1,590 calories *Went to the gym, burned 200 calories
April 9: 139 pounds, 1590 calories
April 10: 139 pounds
April 11: 138.8 pounds, 1590 calories
April 12: 138.8 pounds, Less than 1845 calories, *Went to gym, burned 400 calories
April 14: 139.6 pounds, 1350 calories
April 15: 139.6 pounds, 1575 calories
April 16: 137.4 pounds, 1900 calories, *went to the gym, burned 329 calories
April 17: 138.3 pounds, 1,431 calories *went to the gym, burned 369 calories
April 18: 138.3 pounds, 1727 calories *went to the gym and burned 300 calories
April 19: 138.1 pounds, 1515 calories
April 20: ?? 1510 calories *gym, burned 300 calories
April 22: ?? 1,535 calories *gym burned 225 calories, did weights
April 23: 137.9 pounds, 1,389 calories + Caesar Salad
April 24: 137.9 pounds, 1,414 calories *gym burned 276 calories
April 26: ?? 2170 calories (Ate so much!)
April 27: 138.1 pounds, 2020 calories (Ate so much!)
April 28: 138.8 pounds 1,660 calories *went to the gym burned 388 calories
April 29: 139 pounds, 1770 calories
April 30: 137.7 pounds, 1900 calories

Total pounds lost: 3.7 pounds
Lowest weight: 137.4 pounds

May 1: 137.2 pounds, 1370 calories
May 2: 138.5 pounds, 1940 calories *went to the gym, burned 300ish calories* (Avg calorie count in last two days: 1,655)
May 3: 137.4 pounds, 2210 calories *went to the gym, burned 250 calories
May 4: 138.3 pounds
May 5: 138.3 pounds, 1360 calories *went to the gym, burned 500 calories
May 6: 138.3 pounds, 2125 calories
May 7: 138.3 pounds, 1,563 calories *went to the gym, burned 400 calories
May 8: 138.1 pounds, 1,562 calories
May 9: 138.1 pounds, 1,700 calories
May 10: 138.3 pounds, Ate a lot
May 11: ??
May 12: 137.7 pounds, less than 1,800 calories
May 13: 137.0 pounds
May 14: 136.8 pounds:) less than 1,800 calories
May 15: 137.0 pounds, 2,025 calories *went to the gym burned 345 calories
May 16: 138.8 pounds
May 17: 138.1 pounds 1640 calories, *went to the gym burned 500 calories
May 18: ?? 2192 calories
May 19: 137.7 pounds
May 20: 137.7 pounds, 2100 calories *went to the gym burned 500 calories
May 21: 137.7 pounds, 2,355 calories
May 22: 137.7 pounds, 1,780 calories *Started two day ItWorks cleanse
May 23: 137.9 pounds, 1,800 calories *Completed two day ItWorks cleanse *went to the gym
May 24: 137.9 pounds
May 25: 138.5 pounds, 2,115 calories *Went to the gym and burned 350 calories
May 26: 138.5 pounds, 2,300 calories
May 27: 137.7 pounds
May 28: 139 pounds, 2,030 calories
May 29: 138.5 pounds, 570 calories
May 31: 138.3 pounds *Gym, burned 480 calories, went to thyroid doctor, had lost 10 pounds

Total pounds lost: (Gained 1.1 pound, booooo)
Lowest weight: 136.8 pounds

June 1: 140.1 :( :( so sick**, 1490 calories
June 2: 138.8 pounds, 1610 calories(3 cokes)
June 3: 140.5 pounds, 1910 calories + donut(3 cokes)
June 4: 139.6 pounds,  1,900 calories(2.5 cokes)
June 5: 138.5 pounds, 1,925 calories (3 cokes)
June 6: 140.3 pounds, 2,300 calories, *Gym burned 215 calories (3 cokes)
June 7: 139.2 pounds, 2,050 calories *Gym burned 240 calories (2.5 cokes)
June 8: 138.3 pounds, 2,200 calories (2.5 cokes)
June 9: 137.9 (3 cokes)
June 10: 139.4 (3 cokes)
June 11: 137.4, *Gym burned 250 calories (3 cokes)
June 12: 138.1, 1,915 calories (3 cokes)
June 13: 137.9
June 14: 139.2
June 15: 138.3, 1,880 calories *Gym burned 400 calories (3 cokes)
June 16: 138.1
June 17: 139.2, 1610 calories *Gym burned 300 calories
June 19: 139.2 (Fit in size 4 and 2 shorts!!! What!!!)
June 20: 140.1 :( 2000 Calories *Gym burned 400 calories (3 cokes)
June 21: 139.6 pounds
June 22: 139.0 *Gym burned 307 calories (3 cokes)
June 23: 139.4 pounds, 1800ish calories (3 cokes)
June 24: 139.2 pounds
June 25: 139.6 pounds
June 26: 139.9 pounds
June 27: 140.3 :( :( :(
June 28: 140.1
June 30: 140.1

Total pounds lost: 0
Lowest weight: 137.4 pounds

July 1: 141.6 :(
July 2: 141.3
July 3: 141.0
July 5: 141.4
July 6: 141.4 :( 1680 calories
July 10: 141.3, 1710 calories **Went to the gym, burned 350 calories
July 16: 140.1 :)
July 17: 137.9 :) :)
July 18: 137.9
July 19: 140.3
July 23: 136.6
July 24: 136.6
July 25: 137.9
July 25: 138.3
July 28: 138.3
July 31: 139

Total pounds lost: 2.6 pounds
Lowest weight: 136.6

August 1: 136.6
August 2: 137.7
August 3: 138.5
August 4: 137.7
August 5: 139.5
August 6: 139.4
August 7: 139.4
August 8: 141
August 9: 140.7
August 10: 142 :( :(
August 12: 141.4
August 13: 140.7
August 21: 142.6 :( **Gym, 1290 calories
August 22: 142.7 :( **Gym, 2,100 calories, Avg last two days =1,695 calories
August 23: 144 :( 1728 calories, **Gym
August 24 (ONE YEAR SINCE STARTING THIS JOURNEY): 142.5 pounds *1520 calories
August 25: 142.7
August 26-31: In California, did not weigh myself

Total pounds gained: 6.1 :( :(
Lowest weight: 136.6

September 1: 146 **Goal: Lose 5 pounds, 141 pounds by the end of September
September 2: 144.5
September 3: 144.5
September 4: 142.5
September 10: 144
September 11: 141 **REACHED GOAL** Next goal: Lose 5 more pounds by end of September, 136 pounds
September 16: 142.1
September 17: 144.5
September 19: 146 :(
September 20: 146
September 21: 144.7
September 27: 145.8
September 28: 145.8 **Gym, burned 426 calories**

Total pounds lost: .2
Lowest weight: 141

October 1: 145.4 **Gym burned 482 calories**
October 3: 145.4 **Gym burned 419 calories**
October 4: 145.4
October 5: 144.9 **Gym burned 356 calories** 1,733 calories
October 6: 146.5
October 10: 145.1
October 11: 144.0
October 12: 144.0
October 13: 144.0
October 14: 146.0
October 15: 146.0 **Gym burned 350 calories** 1,650 calories
October 16: 144.7
October 17: 147.6
October 18: 146.0
October 19: 146.0
October 20: 146.0
October 23: 145.4
October 24: 145.4
October 25: 145.8 **Gym burned 489 calories
October 27: 147.4 **Gym burned 600 caories
October 29: 146.7
October 30: 144.9, 1,770 calories
October 31: 143.8 **Gym, burned 355 calories

Total pounds lost: 1.6
Lowest Weight: 143.8

November 1: 144.9 *Gym, burned 300 calories
November 2: 145.1
November 3: 144.5 *Gym, burned 450 calories
November 4: 145.4
November 5:: 145.6 *Gym, burned 399 calories
November 6: 144.5
November 7: 147.1 :(
November 9: 145.1, Gym burned 350 calories
November 10: 146.6
November 13: 146.3
November 15: 146.5
November 20: 145.6
November 21: 145.6
November 28: 151.4 (Trip to California, haven't worked out. Unacceptable and embarrasing)
November 29: 149.2
November 30: 149.1

Total pounds gained: 4.2
Lowest Weight:144.5

December 1: 147.4
December 2: 147.4
December 5: 148.2
December 6: 149.6
December 7: 149.6
December 8: 149.6
December 9: 149.6
December 10: 149.6
December 11: 147.4
December 12: 146.6
December 13: 147.4
December 14: 149.4
December 15: 148.0 **Burned 450 at the gym**
December 20: 149.1
December 21: 149.1 **Burned 310 calories at the gym** 1600 calories

Friday, January 1, 2016

New Year - New Me

OK, so the blog title may be a little deceiving because I literally have not spent time thinking about my new years goals or resolutions. Usually I have a whole list ready to go before the New Year and it's nice to see what I have checked off and completed. Below were my 2014, 2015 goals, and now my 2016 goals that I'm going to make up as I go. In 2014, I did not accomplish any of my goals. In 2015, I did publish my first book on April 1. It's funny that my goal in 2015 included "Be cautious of my gambling habits" because I was literally in Wendover last night ringing in the New Year! And - for the record - I only lost $130 (would have been less but I still have a $13 Montego Bay ticket that I forgot to cash out :/ ). The last time I went to Wendover (Thanksgiving Day), I came home up $1,100 and when I went to Vegas a few weeks ago, I lost $500. Overall, the past few months, I have been up altogether :). New Years Eve was one of the best I had! I got off work at 3, headed home to grab some cash, and headed up to Wendover. I met up with Kylan, his aunt, and grandma. This was the second time I have seen him since June and things are going well. His Aunt and Grandma are the sweetest too. Andrea, Ish, and his two cousins met us in Wendover. Believe it or not, it was less about gambling, and more about friendships and conversation. We watched the Jazz game, danced for an hour and a half at Nugget, had plenty to eat (which included pizza of course!), did a lot of walking, spent some time up at the room, and just laughed. I had so much fun, I completely forgot to take pictures - actually - let me rephrase. I did not forget to take pictures, I was hardly on my phone all night and didn't want to use it. I'm kind of regretting it but at least I have a few that Andrea and Kylan took.

The more I think about it, the more I feel that 2016 will be a great year. I feel that 2015 was more about me, my happiness, what I wanted, and I want 2016 to be a more serious year for me. I want to build relationships and friendships and just enjoy being around others. I want to treasure the friendships that I have. I want to laugh, love, be happy, but not as selfish as 2015. 2015 was a year of "finding out what happiness is" and, although this will be an ongoing thing for me, I feel that I'm in a much better place than I was a year ago. A year ago, I was still focused on the past and past relationships. I'm ready to move on, move forward and live a happy life - whether I'm single or not :)


Here were my 2014 goals:
$5,000 in Savings
Get Engaged
Publish my Book
Run a 5K
Be at 125lbs
Start a business
Get a raise
Get off Zoloft

Here are my 2015 goals:
Publish my Book
Finish and complete a second book (Not necessarily publish)
Lose 20 pounds by May (Hawaii!)
Exercise 2-3X per week
Be cautious of my gambling habits (Set limits)
Find out what happiness is

2016 goals:
Complete the second book on my Dad
Exercise 2-3X per week
Lose 15 pounds (I currently weigh 145)
Be cautious of gambling habits (Set limits)
$5,000 in Savings
Get a raise (promotion, etc)


About Me

I'm Abbie. I am 28 years old and live in Utah. I love Social Media, Marketing, shopping, sports, traveling, shopping, giveaways, family, fashion, and currently writing a book.