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"I'm Doing Me"

What does it mean when someone says, "Do You", "Spend Time on You", "I'm Doing Me", I have always wondered that because after four months of being single, I am getting that more from people. To focus on me and do what I want to do and then someone might come along. But how do I know when I'm done "doing me?" if it's such an activity. What if I'm not done "doing me" and someone walks into my life? Do I stop doing that to focus on him? If so, how do I know he is even "the one" anyway?

In case you can't tell, I over analyze. A lot. One day I want to be single and date other people and the next, missing having someone there. Actually, every day, without fail, I do think of having someone there, being in a relationship, someone to call, someone to message every day, someone to cuddle with, someone to watch games with. So if this is my mindset, is it still okay to focus on me, yet in the back of my mind be think…

Freebies 2015

Some of you may not know but, although I am not an extreme couponer and I am not cheap, I love to win things! Most of the time I win things through Facebook contests and giveaways/sweepstakes. Last year I won quite a bit and I wanted to start from the beginning of January 2015, and share everything I receive this year in a blog post. Let's see if it's worth putting time into. Here is what I have won so far in 2015:

- $25 Texas Roadhouse gift card -- Used in March 2015
- Fabric patterns (Valued at $100+) Sold to my sister for $10
- Animal applesauce containers - Sold to my sister for $5
- Downtown Abbey prize pack- Over $100 value -- Sold all for $30
- Digital Kitchen Scale - Sold for $10
-A necklace + Two Earrings from an Etsy Shop
-Free E-Book
- $25 Etsy gift card - Eve of Joy
-Two tickets to the Utah State Basketball game (Couldn't go, didn't pick up tickets)
-Burlap Pillowcase - Gave to my sister
-All Natural Chapstick
-Downloadable Planner
-One silver and one gold…