What dating life?

My dating life the past month and a half has been pretty much non-existent. I don't think I have gone out on a date or even kissed a guy since....January maybe? As much as I want the attention, cuddles, and love, every day is getting easier to be alone. I have noticed, as I talk with some of my friends, that people really do get used to being alone. And they are okay with it. I don't know if I'm okay with it, but it is easier. I talk to guys every day, but there have been way too many crazies lately. Part of me wants to remove online dating altogether. I haven't had much success and would much rather meet someone in person. It is a little bit hard though when I'm at work all the time. I don't want to meet anyone at the bar. Oh that reminds me. I was at the club with Marcos, Mercedes, and Leno a few weeks ago and I get a tap on my shoulder. I turn around and there are two guys right there, pointing to another guy saying he tapped me. The other guy happened to be on his phone so I was super confused. It happened like five more times and the guy on the phone finally admitted to doing that. He asked for my number so I gave it to him. He texted me about a week later and come to find out he's 23!! 23!! This is my sign that I am way too old to go out :) JK. I have had a blast lately though with just going to the club and dancing all night.

The last week or so, my cousin and her husband have been here and I had SO much fun with them! It's been non-stop busy but so worth it. Between Buffalo Wild Wings, the Jazz game, snowboarding, Purple Turtle, Texas Roadhouse, Cheesecake Factory, the mall, and showing them Utah, it has seriously been the BEST time! They should be coming back in July so I can't wait :)

I'm not quite sure where my dating life will be taking me but I have been reading La La Anthony's book, "The Love Playbook" and below are some things I have learned:

-You teach people how to treat you
-You have to live your life doing what pleases and completes you
-How a woman relates to a man in relationships depends on her relationship with her father
-There is no amount of money that can replace peace and happiness or your family
-If you can't be yourself with a man, you can't be with that man
-Don't try to change anyone and don't allow anyone to change you
-It's important to be reliable and effective; opportunities come to those who work hard
-Time heals all wounds

If you love basketball and looking for love advice, I would recommend reading this book :)


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