The Life of a Single Woman - Happiest I have been

The last two weeks have been the BEST two weeks of my single life. It's been six months since Kevin and I broke up and I am at my happiest. Two weeks ago, Angie and I went to the Grizzlies hockey game. I don't think I have ever been to a hockey game before but it was SO fun and way more intense than Jazz games. After, we decided to try Gracie's Sports Bar. I didn't expect to be there until 1:30/2:00am. I feel like my 20 year old self is coming out. We just danced the whole night and met this group of UK Military men. We hit it off with them right away. They are here for 3 weeks (They live in the UK) and there phones don't work here so we honestly had no idea if we would see them again.

Friday night we went to the Grizzlies game again and decided to go to Gracies after. Guess who we see? The UK men! Oh my gosh, my night had been made. I was so happy. There was one in particular that we just clicked and I was so beyond excited to see him again. We hung out with them a lot that night. They leave one week from tomorrow to go back to the UK so this upcoming Friday....Gracies again and hopefully their wonderful company after :)

Saturday night was the final Grizzlies game before playoffs. I cannot believe I am missing watching my Jazz games for hockey. But we sit first/second row and see the action right in front of us, the fights, the goals....way intense. Hockey games are so cheap for first row compared to the NBA. And a lot more happens. I don't have very many girlfriends and never really have so to actually spend time with girlfriends has been so different and nice for me.

I love that I can work hard, play hard. Work has been extremely time consuming, but I love it. Then to have the weekends to dance and relax, it's seriously one of the best things for me. I love being around family and friends and positive people.

Today is Easter and I not only had my grandparents there (they moved to Vegas five months ago and we haven't seen them since), but my cousins and Aunt Jen (they are moving in a few months so this was our last celebration together), and my three nieces and their family and of course Mom and the kids. I am so grateful for where my life is right now. My book is OFFICIALLY published and I will get my own copy next week - I hope! I don't need a man to accomplish things in my life. For the moment, I am extremely happy to be single.

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