Back to My Normal Self :)

Well, now that it's been two weeks since all of the drama ended (Kylan and I broke up, his ex-girlfriend messaged me, and finding out Kevin got married), I have been in a much better place. I am back to loving the single life, although I do miss being in a relationship. I miss having someone there to snuggle and watch movies with. But I absolutely love dancing. I love Gracie's. I love going out on weekends with my girlfriends and I love that I have been able to build great relationships with women. Usually I don't get along with ladies and would rather hang out with guys. But guys are dumb :)

A few weeks ago I met this guy at Gracie's, man bun, super cute, and we messaged for awhile. This past weekend, met up with a few friends....and this upcoming weekend...Park City with my ladies! I will admit that I do think about being in a relationship all.the.time. but I am so used to being in one and I love being in one. I'm trying so hard to be patient, just wait, and right now I need to enjoy life without having a man. I don't need a man. But having someone to talk to about anything and everything is extremely nice.

Although a few weeks ago I considered a one-way ticket to California....I'm over it. I love my condo, love my girlfriends, love having my family close by, love my job...seriously don't have complaints worth moving over.

Things have been great lately. Calm. Drama Free. Enjoying and loving life currently. Tomorrow may be a different story though.



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