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Dreams 2015-2018

In November 2015, I had a dream that Andrea and I went to a Dierks Bentley concert. Normally we aren't allowed backstage but when we got there (It was actually at Lagoon), we decided to see how far we could go without getting caught. We noticed there was a wedding going on backstage and, as we went in, could see the name of the Mr. and Mrs. on the door. There weren't any security cards so we went backstage without being caught. Except the ceremony was facing the entrance so we walked right in the ceremony. I was completely surprised that no one threw us out at that moment. We danced with a few guys during the reception while Dierks played live music. Next thing I know, everyone is sitting down and a security guard is going through every person and making sure they belonged there. Everyone was wearing a backstage lanyard but Andrea and I. I was sitting next to this guy I had been dancing with and Andrea was on the back row. The security guard asked me, "How do you know the…