Dreams 2015-2018

In November 2015, I had a dream that Andrea and I went to a Dierks Bentley concert. Normally we aren't allowed backstage but when we got there (It was actually at Lagoon), we decided to see how far we could go without getting caught. We noticed there was a wedding going on backstage and, as we went in, could see the name of the Mr. and Mrs. on the door. There weren't any security cards so we went backstage without being caught. Except the ceremony was facing the entrance so we walked right in the ceremony. I was completely surprised that no one threw us out at that moment. We danced with a few guys during the reception while Dierks played live music. Next thing I know, everyone is sitting down and a security guard is going through every person and making sure they belonged there. Everyone was wearing a backstage lanyard but Andrea and I. I was sitting next to this guy I had been dancing with and Andrea was on the back row. The security guard asked me, "How do you know the bride? What is her name?" and he asked me three total questions. Since her name was on the door as I walked in, I said her name right away. Unfortunately because I couldn't answer his other two questions, he kicked me out. I didn't have a car, didn't know who to call and didn't plan on paying to go inside to Lagoon. So I sat out there for about ten minutes by myself. I met this other girl there and we got to talking. A lady came up to both of us and gave us VIP passes. Now the other girl was Andrea and we went back to the stage and Andrea said, "GUESS WHAT BITCHES!!" as she held out her pass and showed the security guard.

I had a dream in November 2015 that a friends relative lived to be 568 years old.

I took Nyquil the night of December 2, 2015, and when I went to sleep it was like my dreams were in a kaleidoscope. I was seeing sparkles, lights, different shapes, and no matter where or how I moved, the shapes were still there. All different.

I had a dream in December that I had my bathroom door open and my roommate was right in my doorway. That was a little odd. And it scared me.

On December 21, 2015, I had a dream that I was in my Nana's den and it was actually my Mom's house. I was up until 7am, without sleep, waiting for Teddy and just staying up with friends. Teddy came over at 7am and Mom was home. He went through the garage and since he knew the garage code, I thought Mom would get mad. She didn't know since she was asleep in the other room. Teddy left a few minutes later and I told him I was going to bed since I had to wake up for work in an hour. He was like, "Are you going to bed because I'm leaving?" and I said, "Yes". He decided to not leave and ended up coming back to the den and staying.

I had a dream in December that Jenna (work) as my boss. I put in my two weeks because she got promoted before I did.

On January 3rd, 2016, I had a dream that I had two pieces of shrimp. I don't like shrimp in real life and didn't like it in my dream.

January 15, 2016, I had a dream that David Blain came by and gave us row 4 lower bowl seats for the Lakers/Jazz game. (I really am going to the game tonight but I am lower bowl row 25). He gave me all of these cards that were basically tickets. I had to just go online and make sure that the tickets were translated into electronic tickets. I also am going to the game with Jared tonight in real life and in my dream I was going with Kylan. I also had a dream that we actually went to the game and Justin Winters was there too because, in real life, I was supposed to go to the game with him a few nights ago. I turned my tickets in and the game had already started. There was this guy at the booth and I had to give him my hard tickets so he took them and I accidently gave him a wrong part of the ticket and he got mad that I did that. I woke up before I actually took my seats at the game. Oh and we paid $140 for tonights game and we were going to sell those tickets since we had free tickets but we didn't have time. So we basically paid $140 for row 4. I also received three tickets which is an odd number.

January 17, 2016, I had a few different dreams. The first one is I wanted to go dancing so I went to Gracie's by myself. I was up by the person that worked the front desk and since it was earlier in the day, they weren't playing any music yet so I was just sitting there browsing my phone and FB until more people showed up. I was talking to the people at the front desk and they said it was only 7pm. I asked about music and if they could turn any music on and instead, they suggested that we all went next door to a different club. There were about 4 of us - three of them were Gracie's employees that were scheduled to work. We went over to this other club that was already packed and it was latin music. We weren't going to stay long but I headed for the bathroom. After I was done, next thing I know, I'm in a grocery store and I am rollerblading. I am rollerblading through the fruit section and see my ex, Albert, working there. I said hi to him and he said that he could work at a different Smith's if he needed to so we didn't run into each other and I told him I never go to that location so he would be fine. Then I'm back in the club and I see Jon Sullivan and a few of his friends. I also find out that Gracie's is closing their doors fairly soon and this club was going to be using their parking lot for future customers. I said hi to Jon and his friends and woke up. Before heading to the club though, Jon and his two friends had come over to our old house in PG. I didn't trust his friends and thought they were going to steal things. Especially since we had some nicer items. Well, that did end up being the case, or they at least tried to steal stuff. One of his friends turned off the survellance cameras we had so we couldn't see what he was taking or if he was taking anything. The garage door was closed but it was open enough to where I could fit and go through and see what he was doing. Although I did sell Jon a Medium sized long-sleeved jacket for his other friend for $20 cash. Yet his friends wanted to steal everything else. I don't think they ended up leaving with anything. Although I do remember going to the McCannons (old neighbors) backyard to hide from Jon and his friends or something? I was also supposed to be a mentor for Jon's friend, the one that kept stealing, and I literally couldn't handle it. So this other guy that was a leader told me he would watch over him and I was okay with that. So it was a little weird to see them sitting there at the club. I did say hi but that was all.

On January 22, 2016, I had a dream that I had passed out or something in my yard so my neighbor came over and stood me up and walked me to my porch. I told him that my roommate was home so I was okay and he tried kissing me. He was younger, closer to my age. I said something to the effect of, "I don't want to kiss you right now" and then went inside. I locked the door and I could hear him trying to break in and open the door. My roommate and my sister were both at the house so there were three of us. After he left, another neighbor rang the doorbell and wanted to come in. I opened the door and then told him I didn't want to kiss him. Then he left and a third neighbor rang the doorbell. At this point, we were all trying to hide by the front door because he could open the blinds from his side (outside the house) and I saw him peek in. Then he left.

On January 27, 2016, I had a dream that I looked at my Book Revenues and sold six books this month. When I woke up and looked in real life, I had zero :(

February 3, 2016, I had a dream that I woke up and my roommate had walked in my room and started watching my TV. Apparently every time I went to work, she would go into my room and watch my TV. Since I had a meeting this morning, I woke up a little late and found her opening my door thinking I was gone. I also dreamed that a guy was in my bathroom brushing his teeth. Weird things were happening when I left for work.

I haven't been to work in a week so instead, I have been dreaming about work. On February 23, 2016, I had a dream that work was actually school. Even though I had missed a week of "school" in my dream, I didn't realize that I had a test on the Larry H. Miller Collision Centers. Not only that, but I had to do a short presentation on "hues". I have no idea where that even came from but even though I missed a week of "School", Jenna is the one who told me that we had the test and what topic I would be teaching. I also had a dream that we were on an airplane when this happened. A few nights ago, I had a dream I was at work and we were lining some food up in the fridge. Makaylee had her food lined up and I thought she was done lining them, so I started putting mine next to hers. She got mad and I remember saying, "If I would have known you were not done lining them up, I would not have done that." I also had a dream that I didn't show up to work, or school, until 3pm. Cody was there and I showed up an he wasn't too happy with me. He asked me if I was going to stay until 5:45 since I was late. I told him I planned on staying longer than that.

I had a dream the night of February 26, 2016, that I was with an ex and we were trying to work things out. There was this girl in the picture and I turned around and him and her were making out. So I left and drove off in his car. I have no idea how he got home. But apparently I didn't learn my lesson because we were back at the same place. The girl asked if he was the guy that had a ponytail in earlier and I said, "The guy you made out with?" and then I started hitting her. Apparently I don't do this often because even watching me in my dream hit her was embarrassing. I thought I left a mark on her face but she wasn't too amused and didn't try much to fight back. I went back in his car and this guy wanted to talk to me. He was pretty tall like 6'5" and told me that sometimes tall guys want to make out with girls just because they are looking for something serious. I'm not quite sure what height had to do with that but apparently my ex was just as tall. I also had a dream that Josh Bennett was on a phone call and we were both watching TV outside, surrounded by rocks, and watching the Jazz game. I remember changing the channel up and down and the channel would no longer be there. Or it was a different show in place of that one. And for some reason my Instagram feed was on TV. When I went to scroll through it, it showed a picture of me and this guy talking about how he was my favorite. I have no idea who he was and I thought Josh would get jealous. Maybe Josh was my ex?

I had a dream on March 1, 2016, that I went to the airport and barely made it there before my flight left to California. I'm going on a one-day trip to California on March 17 and apparently really excited about it. I turned my ticket in at the airport and instead of putting me on the plane, they said I could have a seat. Fortunately for me, all of the "seats" were actually slot machines so I was glad to sit at one of the seats. I don't know if I ever got on the plane.

March 2, 2016, I took two Nyquils before bed. I had a dream that I woke up for my UCS meeting which was scheduled for 9:30 today. In my dream I looked at my clock and it said 11. This means I missed my meeting and was 2 1/2 hours late for work. I looked at my phone and Cody didn't text me and no one really asked where I was. I ended up texting Cody and told him that I was so sick and working from home and hope he didn't mind. We had our Provo meetings at 1pm so I decided to stay home until the Provo meetings. I woke up before Cody responded but I did make it to my meetings in time....in real life.

Nyquil gets me into a deep sleep and I remember my dreams so clear. March 4, 2016 I took two Nyquil. I had a dream that me and a guy were in this pod and it was actually an elevator. We were laying down, looking up, and we were supposed to go up 8 floors. The pod turned into a back of a car and instead of 8 floors, it was a 45 minute drive. That's what 8 floors equated to. We went up to this event and it was a Mystery Room. I went to one for the first time last month with work. You basically solve puzzles and move on to the next clue. In my dream, the Mystery Room was huge and there were a lot of people there. I found one clue which led to this book so I went to the bookshelf but just as I found the book, the bookshelf ended up falling over. Someone had pushed it over for some reason and it almost landed on me. It was huge too and it had probably 10 shelves on it. Long shelves too. Because of that, I moved on to another clue while they put the bookcase back together. There were four people in our group and I think I had just met them. I remember there were twins and I think that's because I was watching Little Women of Atlanta last night so they were little people. I think in my dream they were little people too. I became friends with one of them as I went through this puzzle. At the end, you could buy candy and treats. There was this big room full of homemade treats and then on the other end, you can leave and go in to the elevator (which is the back of a car). I went in the elevator with the guy that I went there with (yet didn't spend any time with during the entire game). On the way home, as we are driving, we decided it would be cool to go up to a ski resort and fly off this cliff. Not in our car, of course. I don't remember much of flying off or if it ended well. I also had a dream that Susy and I were driving and we parked my car and we were just super lost getting to where we needed to go. We had 3-4 hours before an event which gave us time to park or find this specific location we were going to. I remember missing a turn so I had to keep going in circles until I was able to go where I needed to.

Another Nyquil night. March 6, 2016, I had a dream that Michael's cousin Stephen asked me to go snowboarding with him. I said yes and I had two snowboards, one on each foot. Stephen had one snowboard. He went down the hill first and I was behind him. I got to the bottom and there was a puddle. This puddle was there on purpose because you're supposed to put your snowboards in water and it makes it easier to take it off. I took them off and then we went into this restaurant. He was wearing a wedding ring and we sat down at this restaurant and, without any hesitation, he said, "Abbie, I just don't think that things are going to work out between us." And I was like "I already know this...." Not only because of the wedding ring but in my dream, I already knew it wasn't like that. In real life though, two days ago, Jared said he didn't want to see me anymore. It was like my subconscious was telling me that Stephen and Jared aren't meant to happen and aren't meant to be in my life. I haven't talked to either of them so maybe this is true.

Another Nyquil night. On March 8, 2016, I had a dream I won a trip to New Jersey from my work. Now in real life, I did go to New Jersey with Alexis and New York because I won the trip but this time it was different. I was only there for one day and I was sitting at work and someone said I should ask for a refund or a new trip since I was there and back in one day. I'm not quite sure why I was only there for one day because I would never do that but that's what happened.

March 10th I did not have Nyquil but had a dream that my sister had five girls before she had her baby boy. I was also put in charge of watching this baby. He was left in the car (!!) and I was with Mom and Uncle V and we drove past the car my nephew was in (by himself) and I told my Mom I wanted to stop and take care of my nephew. Especially since he was in the car by himself. They did pull over and I held my nephew. I also remember moving and just being really unhappy. I know that my Uncle wanted me to go on a walk or something and I remember going into my closet and grabbing a pair of shoes. That is all. Hopefully I get my nephew soon :)

The night of March 11, without Nyquil, was actually really detailed. Baylor, Annie (from work), Jason Hawks (from work), and Andrea were all in my dream. Baylor was SO into me. I haven't seen him in 5+ years and I still have a major crush on him but I don't really talk to him. He's never been into me. Ever. He even asked who was hotter between him and I. Totally saw me in person for the first time in a long time and it was game over. My dreams were all over the place. I was in this room and it had three beds and there were six of us - three guys and three girls. So we decided that each of us would share a bed with the other. Andrea was in this part of my dream. I never ended up sharing a bed, I woke up before that could happen. I'm pretty sure it was with Baylor though. I know it was with a guy that was super hot. I also took a class that I thought was only an hour long but it ended up being 2 1/2 hours. I wanted to leave after 15 minutes. We kept being asked to go around and meet new people and answer three questions. One of them was, describe what the word Wednesday means to you and I put Hump Day. Then another one was what does 6pm mean to you and I said I am off work at that time. I don't remember the third question. Taylor from work was in my dream and I just went to her and we couldn't find any paper to write anything down so we just kinda talked. Her sister was in my dream too and I mistaked her for Taylor initially. I haven't met her sister in real life but I have seen pictures. I also had a dream that because the guy I was with drank, and Andrea was asleep, me and the other girl (part of the six of us) went to church. That's where Jason Hawks and Annie were. We were in the back row and all of the sudden this girl Rachael (I worked at Progrexion with), she was there and her phone went off and it was hip/hop/rap and she couldn't turn her phone off. She apologized to everyone and, instead of leaving, she told everyone that for some reason, the music turns on randomly and she is unable to turn it off. So we listened and danced to five hiphop/rap songs. In church. And my finger got stuck in some girls hair. I don't even know.

March 14: I had a dream last night that I became friends with a male Alligator. This Alligator was willing to be out of the water and inside my house just to be with me. This Alligator made sacrifices for me. Maybe this dream is a sign that someone is out there and willing to make sacrifices for me. Although the voice of the Alligator was my cousin. Or maybe this means that I am better off being friends with animals. Hahahaha.

March 19: I had a dream about work which seems to happen fairly often. Larry H. Miller Ford Lincoln Provo had one of the swinging doors to enter into the dealership. I was walking past it with a guy friend and he noticed that the dealership was closed but there was a rock that was holding the swinging door open. This meant that anyone can enter the dealership even though it was closed. He said he wanted to move the rock and I told him if he did, the alarm would go off. Well, he didn't listen to me and the alarm went off but Kevin Knudsen (GM of PFL) praised him so much because someone could have broken in and taken vehicles. There was a bad review that came through and Kevin kept saying that we had to reply and to draft up several review response drafts for him. This was the most engaged he has been because in real life, he's really quiet and shy. 

March 31: I had a dream that I walked in my room and my roommate was asleep on my bed, taking up the entire right side. I couldn't see her initially but I had really fallen asleep on the couch so it was like I just walked in my room and there she was.

April 3rd: I had a dream that I met this kid who is a legit friend on Facebook but I have never met him in real life. His name is Josh Gates. He was one of those guys that we hit it off when we met. He would come up behind me and put his arms around me. We did kiss if I remember right. We were sitting at this restaurant and he left for a minute and there was an Asian couple and they knew him so I was trying to figure out how. I asked the male Asian what his name was and before he could say anything, I said, "The shortened version"....I am not quite sure if racism in your dreams exist but it truly sounded like it. When Josh came back, I had turned around and my friend Summer from church camp was there sitting with her family. I talked to her, asked how what she had been up to and how she was. She had three kids with her I think but in real life she has two boys. After dinner I remember running or playing hide-n-seek or something. Unfortunately, this still was with Josh. 

April 4th: I had a dream that I sent an almost nudie picture to Jana Johnson. I don't know how you take a picture of yourself and accidently send it to one of your girlfriends. I just remember my hand was over my boobs and I thought the camera cut off above the waist but apparently it didn't. That's a little awkward. I'm not even confident enough to send a nudie to guys.

April 5: I had a dream that I woke up at 9:15am for work and told Cody I would be there no later than 11am. This meant that in real life I woke up four different times before my alarm went off and then my alarm went off four times before I made sure that I had to get out of bed before this dream became a reality. I told Cody I would work through lunch as well to make up for the time I missed (because I take 3 hour lunches??).

April 7: I had a dream that I really liked this guy but he had a girlfriend. The guy had put me through a few tests and I passed all of them. I'm not sure what the grand prize was but I do remember there being a stage. I wonder if I ended up winning him over....

April 8: I had several random dreams including hearing the ice cream man and grabbing change for when he arrives. I did not end up getting ice cream but if I did, I was going to take a picture of my change and put on social media, "Ice cream truck? Hell yeah!" 

April 9: I had a dream that I completely took over Cody's desk at work but not with my computer and work supplies, but with clothes and things I had purchased. He arrived and it took four of us to move all of my stuff out to my car. I also had a dream that I took a shower before I left for work and decided to be on my computer while in the shower, while it was plugged in. Don't worry, getting electrocuted was not even a thought that I had. It took me a minute to realize that getting my computer wet could ruin and destroy it so I put it on my counter and wiped it down. I was lucky because it did start working after that. 

April 15: I had one of the scariest dreams I have had in a long time. I was driving through Lindon and noticed on the right hand side of the road that there were cop after cop after cop and then I see him. A younger guy who was sitting down and was pointing a gun out in front of him. He was not aimed to shoot himself but those around him. I was scared but I was driving so I thought I was safe. A few minutes later I had stopped at a local elementary school. I am not quite sure why but I do know that it wasn't to pick anyone up. There were several floors to this school and because the shooter was so close by, I remember the students making there way up the stairs. Some people were headed downstairs in the basement. I ultimately ended up being one of them. I was surrounded by kids and some people more my age (maybe not my age, but my height, so I felt like I fit in with them more :P ). I didn't have a reason to be worried since the shooter had been in a different city and I thought the cops would shoot him if they thought he was a threat. Well, I was completely wrong. We received a phone call from the shooter. The shooter's friend was right by me and told me that the shooter was headed to the school. I didn't know what to expect. I did not know if his friend could calm him down or if he planned on coming to the school and shooting everybody. He didn't shoot anyone. He did come to the school and I could hear him and his friend talking. We were hiding and fairly quiet. Next thing you know, I'm running. I want to get away from this person as much as possible. I remember being so afraid that I would be running as fast as I could. I would jump off mini cliffs by my house and jump over huge rocks just to be as far away as possible. I don't know why I didn't just drive my car home and through the neighborhoods. I ended up at my house and my Mom and Ron were there. I told them about the shooter and I was afraid the shooter was following me so I went to the lock the door but it was only a screen door. We had no idea if the door was locked from the outside and we didn't have an actual door. I went up to my room. I looked out my bedroom window and the shooter was there, once again surrounded by many, many cop cars and cops. I was, once again, afraid that he would end up near me. It seemed like wherever I went, he followed. He ended up at my house but didn't have his gun (although I thought he could just pull it out of his pocket any second). The family was talking to him and I was upstairs in the room. When it came down to it, we realized that when he was angry, he would turn into a different person and pull the gun out. There were "trigger" words that, once were said, would put him into a new and completely different state-of-mind. Two words that stood out were "Black" and "Bright". If anyone said those two words, he would do a 360. Him and I actually spoke. He asked me about these five shirts that he looked at and wanted my opinion on them. His Mom was there and I told her that no matter what, do not say the word "Black" or he would freak out. So we had to through these shirts, and colors, give our opinion, without saying that color. Then I remember I left, once again going over small cliffs, jumping over rocks, running through neighborhoods as far as possible. I remember talking to a friend during this adventure of mine. In the end, no one was hurt or shot. I think he maybe shot one time but it wasn't at anyone, it was in the air. The second part of this dream, I wrote three separate notes/letters to my cousin Susy. I told her I was pregnant, or at least I was sure I was. And then I woke up. When I woke up, Susy had messaged me saying that she had a dream that I was pregnant! So wild.

On April 16 I had a dream that I was at work and there was this Fanzz event that three of us girls attended. It ended around 2pm and I was going to have a one-on-one meeting with one of the employees at Fanzz around 3pm to discuss setting up monthly payments for something. After my friend got mad for wanting to set up payments (and she had explained why it wasn't a good idea), I decided to not have my appointment. Unfortunately, the three hours that we spent with Fanzz was a conference type meeting. The lights were completely out and the speaker had mention my name confirming our 3pm appointment. I didn't say anything, no one knew me except the people I was with, but it was still a little awkward.Instead of going back to work when this event ended, everyone decided to go home. Unfortunately for me, this was a struggle. Apparently Fanzz had a Costco behind it and that was where I parked. I went out to my car and ended up having to go through Costco and an airport. But this was not the Salt Lake airport, this was LAX. I had to get out of my car several times and it felt like I had to walk through a maze to get out of there. There were lines dividing the customers to make things easier. There was a line titled "California Residents", one titled "Old and Rich" (ha) and there were a few more that did not fit the category I was in. Obviously I was not a CA resident, old, or rich. So I went up to someone that worked there and asked and they directed me to this line that I was right by. I'm not sure what the category was. I had to wait two minutes for their computers to load. They checked me in but, unfortunately, I couldn't just leave from there. I had to go stand in another line with everyone else. I stood in this line and the saw a shorter line to the right. so I went in that line. I looked up and there was a sign that said TAXI. Shoot. I couldn't be in this line so I went back in the other, which at this point was much shorter. When I finally got out, I turned right figuring I could get back to Costco and find my car at that point. I had my cell phone in my hand (I don't know why it wasn't in my pocket or purse) and my purse. I turned right and kept seeing pools. Swimming pools, some had waves so I had to hold my phone up so it didn't get wet. I had to walk on thin concrete paths and hope I didn't fall in. I had like a 10 year old kid ask me if I wanted to have alcohol with him. I kept going, I think I even fell in a pool once and there was a time where my phone wouldn't turn on due to heat. I woke up before I found my car. Although I did keep thinking about how I was going to tell Cody why I hadn't gone back to work after the Fanzz event and how I ended up in California. 

April 24: I don't follow politics, but I had a dream that Bernie Sanders won. I also had a dream I was at Uncle Mat's and Grandma showed up. I haven't seen either of them in a year so it was nice to see them. Although Grandma said that she could put me to work and give me some things to hold while I walk home. I also had a dream about this guy Alex and this girl Kristin - both of whom I know - and Kristin had two kids (one girl and one boy) and was married to Alex. I was over there to spend time with Kristin but all I wanted to do was be on the computer. She was in the middle of telling a story and my music was on and I wasn't really listening to her. Apparently I was not a great friend. She then left and took her daughter and completely left her son. It was just me, her son, and her husband. Not awkward whatsoever. She then came back because she realized she left her son. Don't worry, she wasn't leaving her husband, she was just going shopping for a few hours. 

On 4/26 I had two dreams that were related to work and school combined. I also had a dream about Kylan.
I had a three hour class that I was going to but during class, Charlie Puth was going to be performing. It was also a waterslide/party. I was one that was asked to help put the inflatable water slide together so that during Charlie’s performance, we could be on the slide. I was literally talking to Charlie as I was helping with the slide. We then decided we were hungry so we went to this street taco cart. I don’t remember what I ordered but it sounded amazing. I think there were three different choices to order. After his performance, Makaylee and I headed to PFL which was actually just a class at school taught by Kevin Knudsen (GM of LHM Ford Lincoln Provo). Which was odd because he is such a shy and quiet General Manager. And then I had a dream about Kylan. He said he wanted to get back together with me and I told him I had to think about it. In real life, this would never happen. Especially since the next thing that came out of his mouth was, “If I told you that you had to be on a diet, or you had to eat a specific food type, would you be ok with that?” Hell no.

May 6 I had a dream that I went to Japan over New Year's with my family. We were in this area for the first few days and it was a nicer area than the other part that we went to during the tail end of the trip. There were individual stalls, like bathroom stalls, and everyone had their own. I thought they were for....going to the bathroom. Instead, you sat down at a chair, uncovered this blanket at this table and ate this Chia stuff with no silverware. It was like the Chia ball things that weren't good. According to Amanda, this "event" was "relaxing". Food does make me happy, but I didn't see it as relaxing and ate one bite and was good. Next thing I know, New Year's Eve is here and my family said that we would walk around and explore Japan until midnight or later so we could be out for the New Year's celebrations. Next thing I know, we are back at our hotel or room by like 7pm and I passed out. So I slept through all of the celebrations and pretty sure I didn't wake up until I woke up in real life. So May. I woke up in May.

May 11 I had a dream that  guy said he didn't want to be with me because he told me that I spray-tanned my booty. I told him I didn't but he kept saying that I did as if he knew me better than I knew myself. I have never had a spray tan so I have no idea why he would think I got that. My booty is def. not orange.

May 20th I had several dreams since I slept for 16 hours. One of them was D.J. Perez was a rapper and he was rapping about me. He decided to go up on this stage, be the first one to rap before everyone else. He got up on stage, started rapping and said my name since the song was about me. He literally rapped one sentence, and you could tell he was so nervous. He said he was out, went behind the red curtain. He didn't get booed luckily but it did take a few seconds for the audience to clap. I was in the very back and a few people were making fun of him. I tried to get them to stop. When he came back to see me, I was trying to be positive and let him know that he was brave enough to go up there and things will get better and easier every time.

May 27th I had a dream that I had my swimsuit on and was ready to go to Lagoon. It was late in the afternoon so they had discounted tickets for $35. I went up these stairs and this guy mentioned my boobs. They must have been big.

May 30th, I had an extremely detailed dream about being at church camp. They were lining up in teams for competitions. I was late (of course) and ended up being in line with about 10-12 people. All of us were competing with 8-10 other groups - all lined up. The first competition was BB Guns and shooting at targets. Since I was late, I did have the chance to go and did fairly good with shooting. Next up was that game was Chubby Bunny. This one I knew I would be horrible at so I didn't play. The third game I forgot what it was but passed on that one too. Apparently if you aren't good at something, you don't have to play. I do remember shooting this boy twice with a BB gun (although he pulled the "BB"s out which ended up being nerfs, so no harm done). Next thing you know, everyone is going crazy and just throwing things and fighting and stuff. Apparently I was the oldest one there and there wasn't any type of leadership. We also went on this small hike and saw the Salt Lake Valley. Knowing we were closer to home made me happy. This was CMR though so, in reality, that's in Cedar City and up the mountain 45 minutes.

June 3 I had a dream that I was at a school or something similar, and someone there had asked to move my car. I was okay with that but, after I was ready to leave, I got in my car and my car wouldn't start. I tried over and over. Finally I decided the best thing to do would be to take the steering wheel out and take it to Alexis who could let me know the problem. Maybe she was a 16-year-old mechanic? Not totally sure. I don't think she ended up finding the problem.

June 9 I had a dream that we were at our LHM1000 event for work except we weren't selling cars. It was just like a concert event. It was a Sunday and I had walked past and forgot that I was supposed to take pictures. Normally LHM1000 wasn't opened on Sunday. I took photos and hung out with some of the DJ's - including Demaggio. They had an inflatable castle and so many people were on it. It started pouring rain and the castle collapsed. I just saw  bunch of people screaming and scared. I wanted to post a picture saying, "Even though our castle collapsed and it was pouring rain, we are still here at LHM1000!" After the collapse, we stood up to sing the National Anthem. Demaggio was talking the whole time during it and I was getting annoyed. After, I went and sat down on this chair in the stands. It was a few seats over from this guy and, because I sat close to him, He thought I liked him. So he asked me out. I don't know how I denied him, but I found a way.

June 10 I had a dream that Alexis and Andrew could both turn into basically whatever they wanted. Andrew did that and "went missing" for two weeks and then he was back. Alexis went missing and I didn't think anything of it until Day 3. Andrew and I decided to look for her. Since she was younger, I was thinking maybe she didn't know how to use her "powers" as well or she got stuck somewhere. We looked in pipes and I remember being in a bowling alley and I was looking everywhere for her. It was nice to wake up and go to my Mom's and realize Alexis was not missing.

June 14 I had a dream that I was back at school and the General Manager of Larry H. Miller Ford Lincoln Provo, Kevin Knudsen, was the teacher. I think I attended class twice that semester and at the end of the school year, we had this big project. Pretty sure I failed.

On June 29th, I took a lortab and had a crazy dream. I had a dream that Angie and Char lived together in Hawaii and I was staying over at their house. I was inside and ready for bed and I saw a little worm on the floor. I was a little disgusted seeing as how I don't like bugs like that. I was watching it for a minute and then it jumped. And jumped again. And again. But it wasn't jumping just up, it was also jumping out. And, as it jumped, it developed spider legs. Then I was really creeped out. I hate spiders. At that point, I knew I had to kill it. It was jumping though so I couldn't get it. And for some reason, I didn't think a shoe would kill it. Last, but not least, it turned into a shark. So it was about one foot long and now it was several feet tall. Out of the water, with spider legs and no longer a worm. I grabbed some dental floss/string and started slicing it. Then it opened it's mouth and I saw like 10 mini sharks in it's mouth. I kept cutting it up and slicing it with dental floss and then I put it in a bag and set it on the counter. I wanted to show it off to Angie and let her know that I killed it. She wasn't too impressed but I was. That's all that really mattered at the time. That I, Abbie Guerrero, can kill a worm/spider/shark!

July 2nd I had a dream that Kevin (ex) was my boss. I had just stuck Ramen Noodles in my mouth when he walked in. He let me know that I had Ramen Noodles all over my face. Hey, ex, thanks for noticing! I'm not quite sure why I couldn't clean my face up in time. I knew he was going to walk in the room any minute.

July 3rd I had a dream that Amanda came to me and said she wanted to divorce KC. I told her that she told me that she would never leave him and vice versa. She wanted to go out clubbing and live the single life and I told her she should have thought about that before having three kids and that she has responsibility now.

August 2nd I had a crazy dream. I started talking to Kylan again in real life but about a week ago, he stopped talking to me. All of the sudden he randomly knocks on my door and stays and visits for an hour. He has a child with him, a boy, but it's not his or mine. I think he said it was his godbaby or something. So we are at my house in Pleasant Grove, my old house on 1100 North, once he leaves, I was wondering why he left. Just like now in real life, he stopped talking to me and I'm not sure why. I found out that he had been sleeping with my Mom, who is now married in real life. This was a consistent thing and I was so mad that I started swearing. I was asking my Mom if she f-----ing slept with him and she admitted to it. She was cheating on her husband but also sleeping with my ex. I had never been so angry in my life. I'm still angry about it and it was just a dream.

August 3 I had a dream I was sitting right next to Keith Urban. I let him know his concert was the best one I ever been to.

August 7th I had a dream that we went up to Cedar Mountain Retreat (CMR) but it was only a two-day event as adults - instead of a week like it normally is. In fact, Lil Jon was there and a very-Christian married couple (Jon and Brooke Larson), the husband, was dancing with this girl who had on a short skirt and said, "She's fun to dance with". It was like CMR Gone Wild. And then they served breakfast food for lunch and dinner. I wasn't hungry so I waited until there was literally two French Toast left. Then there was this little kid who took one and just dumped it in the garbage can for no reason. Although his parents were right there, I was like, "Why did you just do that???" and I didn't even wait for his answer before I left. Then, being in the mountains, we looked up in the sky and saw amazing lightning and the coolest scenery. One of my friends were there who have never gone and she tried to take her tray of food up to the cabin. Someone got over the intercom and said, "Whoever is walking up to the cabin with food, please turn around" and she was embarrased but no one knew who she was except me. We all took photos of the cool scenery and there was a slideshow going on of cool scenery (the dream was all about cool scenery).

August 8th I had a dream that we were in a grocery store and we were participating in a "Candy Hunt" like an "Easter Egg Hunt". I remember there being Reeses cups just hidden randomly amongst other food and even refrigerated food. I looked up at the roof at one point and there were the words "Erin" and I looked down and behind some food products and there was so much candy behind there. Then on the ground, certain words appeared once the water went on to water and keep the veggies cool. Apparently all of the words were hints on where the candy was hidden. I was so happy that I was one with the most candy. Ashlee and Britanee were in my dream too.

August 14th I had a dream that Cody (boss) had called me at 8:15am and asked where I was and if I was coming in to work. In real life, I work at 8:30am but in my dream, I had been late so I'm thinking it was 9:15am when he called me. I told him I would leave now and go straight there. Well, as soon as I hung up, I realized I couldn't go in to work because I was in another country. It was like a Costa Rica-type setting, just really relaxing, but I didn't want to call him back because it would cost me. Apparently I was going to miss two days of work without letting him know.

August 19th:


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