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My New Life - Part Two

On March 20, 2012, I signed for my first condo. As I sit here today, I am reminiscing on all of the memories that I have built, through good times and bad, as my house will be sold in six days. I have decided to sell my home and build a condo in Saratoga Springs. Overall, it puts me in a better Financial situation and if there is anything I can do to better myself and move forward in life, I am there. In less than two weeks, over Thanksgiving, I will be in California with my grandparents and cousins. My biggest fear is coming back and forgetting that I don't have a permanent home until my condo is complete the end of January(ish). I know it will be hard. Although I wouldn't consider myself highly materialistic, I have clung to my home as my peaceful spot. It's my go-to when I am anxious, it's my go-to when I want to relax, it's something that I have been able to create and build on my own. It's something that I have claimed as mine. I have built it into somethi…

IntelliDent Review - Toothbrush Shield

The last few months have been highly chaotic. Unfortunately, my toothbrush has been the last thing on my mind. I have found my toothbrush on my bathroom counter, on my kitchen counter, in plastic bags, in my suitcase, and in my bathroom drawer. Every time I found my toothbrush, it was not protected with a plastic cap or in my toothbrush holder. I cannot imagine all of the germs that have been on my toothbrush lately. Luckily I found IntelliDent and their Toothbrush Shield which helps to replace plastic covers and eliminates germs after use.

This product was super easy to use (as demonstrated in the photos below). With my Toothbrush Shields, I received a simple card that explained how-to-use the shields and why they were created. The Toothbrush Shield packet contained one shield. I opened the packet and placed it over my toothbrush to help protect against germs. The shield lasts up to 7 days before having to replace and I feel more peaceful knowing that the majority of germs are elimin…


Let me start out by saying I have never been married so I may be the wrong person to write a blog about marriage. I have been around for a long time, 30 years to be exact, and I have seen amazing relationships and I have seen relationships fall apart right before my eyes - my past relationships included.

I have learned a few things by watching my relationships fail along with watching friends go through marriages, divorces, marriages, and relationships. Once again, although I have never been married, I do know that relationships and marriages have changed over time. When I was growing up, I felt like I was surrounded by positive and successful marriages. My Mom and Dad were married for 17 years before my Dad passed away, my Nana and Papa have been married for 30 years, my grandparents have been married 50 years, and most of my family relationships and marriages have been successful.

I think it was a few years ago when I started to realize that marriage is not the same. Marriage is not…

Seattle + Oregon = August 2016

My trip last week (/two days ago) was so fun that I figured I would share a blog post about it! This was my second time to Seattle but first to Portland and this was such a fun, activity-filled trip! 
Bill Speidel's Underground Tour: This was recommended to me by a friend and SO much fun! In 1889, there was a HUGE fire in Seattle that burned 30 blocks of businesses. Because of this and the horrible sewage/plumbing in the town, the city decided to rebuild Seattle 22 feet above. Because of this, you now have the chance to go Underground and see some of the old businesses and buildings. They had a gift shop at the end of the tour and, of course, I had to pick up the book that was banned from schools :) A little bit of curiosity never hurt anyone, right? 

As we walked out and browsed the city of Seattle, this is what we saw:

Losing Weight Has Changed Me

....but in a good way of course!

Nine months ago I started this "weight loss journey" as most would call it. It was a normal day for me. I was headed to my Thyroid appointment - this occurred every year or so -  this was a standard routine since I was 18. This time, my doctor wasn't so nice. She pointed to my weight and said, "This number cannot go up." It was 153 pounds. The most I have ever weighed in my life was 155 pounds. Immediately I realized that I weighed way more than I should at 5"5'. So I started going to the gym, got on Nutrisystem, and lost 10 pounds within the first 3-4 months. I set my mind to the end goal of losing weight and being happy. I wanted to share a few things that I have learned in the last nine months. It's been a journey to say the least.

1. I learned how to be nice: 
I'm not sure if this has come with age or confidence, and most would probably say that I am fairly nice, but those from work would say otherwise ;) I w…

Abbie's Life: A Monthly Update

I realize it's been about a month and a half since my last blog. There is a reason for that. I usually write when I'm angry, upset, frustrated, or in some sort of dramatic mood. Things have been nice lately. Nice, peaceful, relaxing, busy, and not dramatic. Maybe that's what happens when you don't have high hopes for your dating life. I can't say I have given up on dating because I have gone on some dates. I think I'm just giving up on the idea that every person that I like wants to be with me. I'm also very much focused on myself, my book, and my cupcake business. I have had more cupcake orders so far in 2016 than I did all last year (I swear!) and I'm actually making a profit. In fact, here is some of the work I have done this year alone:

It's funny to look back to 2012-2013 and see the major improvements. If you like what you see, you can always visit my Facebook page: I have also been focusing on my book. I …