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What a week!

I won't even lie. This week was so stressful. I can't necessarily pinpoint a certain thing but I feel that it may be a combination of events. I feel like I have completely changed my life the last 29 days. Or events in my life have changed the last 29 days. It's funny how one second I can be super excited and the next, super sad and depressed. Unfortunately, it was this whole week. I did go to the Jazz game with my niece, Emerson, on Monday, and then the Jazz game again on Wednesday with Jared. I had fun but there is still a part of me that isn't used to this new lifestyle. I guess you can say that I am dating someone who is very special to me. It's in the early stages so I won't go on and on, but he makes me extremely happy. I am not out every weekend like I was last year. It's been at least 2-3 weeks since I have been out dancing or out at the club. This is just a new routine and new life. Although I had fun dancing all the time and meeting new people, th…

Because I'm Happy

Friday: Tonight I feel like a blog post. Just because. Life has been so incredibly busy yet so good. Time has been spent on myself lately. I have gone to the gym the last four out of five days, took my niece to the Jazz game last night and finally get a night to just do whatever I want. And it feels amazing. It's the weekend, I'm not on-call, I went and worked out, showered, and here I am watching the Kardashians in my sweats. Amazing.

Sunday: I sometimes enjoy 3.5-day weekends. Especially since they don't happen that often. I also spent this weekend at the Jazz game with Jared. I met him two weeks ago at Liquid Joe's and I have to say, things have been good. I was thinking way too in-depth about how the game would go, things I would say, things that would happen, yet everything seemed to have happened better than I expected. The movie that we watched after was Inside Out which was the cutest* movie ever :)

Today consisted of working out (I'm on a serious roll here…

Freebies 2016

Below is a list of Freebies that I have won in 2016. If you have any questions about the freebies and how I get them, please leave a comment below!

1 Free Bridal Magazine Issue (Received)
Travel Kit - Eye Mask, Travel Pillow, Aromatherapy Candle, and Socks (Received)
1 Year ESPN Magazine Subscription (Received)
$25 Brio Tuscan Grille GC (Received)
iMagnet Magnetic Mount (Received)
Case of Vegetable Chips/Crackers (Received)
Face Cleanser (Received)
Tupperware (Received)

Two (2) bags of barkTHINS 4.7 oz. snacking chocolate multiple varieties Signed poster from Dave Mathews
barkTHINS tee
barkTHINS branded USB plug
TOTAL VALUE: $435.00 (Received)

Amazon Gift Card $25 (received, used)
BeFit Nutritional Pack
Seat Gap Filler (Received)
$50 Gift Card to Bed, Bath, and Beyond (received, used - wall decor, candle melts)
Four Brian Regan tickets (Sold for $200)
Avocado Knife Colori (have not received)
Two books: "London Art Chase" & "Dolphin Wish"
Digital copy of City of Angels &…

Losing Weight Goals - January 2016

On Monday August 24, 2015, I went to the doctor and she said the scale cannot go up. I have been working hard at losing weight. I weighed in at 153lbs at the doctors office.

After that, there were two reasons why I wanted to lose weight. One was obviously for my health and the other was because I was going to Hawaii over my birthday a month ago.

I ended up not going to Hawaii because of how sick I was, but health has still been my focus and goal. Below is my weight information and the changes. As of today, January 3, I weigh 144 pounds. My scale and the doctors scale is about three pounds apart. My goal this year is to be down to 130. I know I can do it and I have done it before. Being vulnerable and opening up about my weight is the only realistic way that I can lose weight. The most I weighed last year was 155 pounds.

January 2 = 145 pounds, 1513 calories, burned 377 calories at the gym + dancing
January 3 = 144 pounds, 1600 calories
January 4= 144 pounds, 1760 calories
January 5=14…

New Year - New Me

OK, so the blog title may be a little deceiving because I literally have not spent time thinking about my new years goals or resolutions. Usually I have a whole list ready to go before the New Year and it's nice to see what I have checked off and completed. Below were my 2014, 2015 goals, and now my 2016 goals that I'm going to make up as I go. In 2014, I did not accomplish any of my goals. In 2015, I did publish my first book on April 1. It's funny that my goal in 2015 included "Be cautious of my gambling habits" because I was literally in Wendover last night ringing in the New Year! And - for the record - I only lost $130 (would have been less but I still have a $13 Montego Bay ticket that I forgot to cash out :/ ). The last time I went to Wendover (Thanksgiving Day), I came home up $1,100 and when I went to Vegas a few weeks ago, I lost $500. Overall, the past few months, I have been up altogether :). New Years Eve was one of the best I had! I got off work at …