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Seattle + Oregon = August 2016

My trip last week (/two days ago) was so fun that I figured I would share a blog post about it! This was my second time to Seattle but first to Portland and this was such a fun, activity-filled trip! 
Bill Speidel's Underground Tour: This was recommended to me by a friend and SO much fun! In 1889, there was a HUGE fire in Seattle that burned 30 blocks of businesses. Because of this and the horrible sewage/plumbing in the town, the city decided to rebuild Seattle 22 feet above. Because of this, you now have the chance to go Underground and see some of the old businesses and buildings. They had a gift shop at the end of the tour and, of course, I had to pick up the book that was banned from schools :) A little bit of curiosity never hurt anyone, right? 

As we walked out and browsed the city of Seattle, this is what we saw: