Let me start out by saying I have never been married so I may be the wrong person to write a blog about marriage. I have been around for a long time, 30 years to be exact, and I have seen amazing relationships and I have seen relationships fall apart right before my eyes - my past relationships included.

I have learned a few things by watching my relationships fail along with watching friends go through marriages, divorces, marriages, and relationships. Once again, although I have never been married, I do know that relationships and marriages have changed over time. When I was growing up, I felt like I was surrounded by positive and successful marriages. My Mom and Dad were married for 17 years before my Dad passed away, my Nana and Papa have been married for 30 years, my grandparents have been married 50 years, and most of my family relationships and marriages have been successful.

I think it was a few years ago when I started to realize that marriage is not the same. Marriage is not Marriage. Marriage for some is....."I will love you until we fight", "I will love you until I find someone better", "I will love you until I get annoyed by you", "I will love you until I know someone else is readily available", "I will love you until I know I can go out with friends and meet a new love". Marriage has stipulations. I believe in traditional marriage. I believe in long-term marriage.

But life isn't always that way. Sometimes you want something that someone else doesn't want,  want something that may exist for me now but may not exist in five years from now, I understand that feelings change, I understand that decisions change, I understand that life is hard. How do you know that any marriage, YOUR marriage, will 100% survive?

What really makes your relationship last?
Your faith? Your willingness to commit? Your level of commitment? Through thick and thin? Listening to your spouse? Loving your spouse? Going through tough times? Relying on each other? Success?

Before you move forward with divorce, before you move forward with breaking up with someone, really think about what really makes your relationship last. Marriage needs to be real again. Marriage needs to be something that we think about long-term. Marriage needs to be what it is there to be - a commitment.

Just writing down some thoughts.


  1. I will have to say I agree. Having only been married for 14 years it has been awesome, good, bad, ugly, supportive, I can go on and on it is what you make it. And some days it is what it is. I wouldn't change it. I said forever , because i meant it. So get comfy cause it's a long commitment.

  2. You are exactly right! Commitment to each other and your marriage. It takes teamwork through all the ups and downs. We have been married 48 years now, and I can think of several times I could have thrown up my hands and said forget it, but I knew that was not the way it works. Now, I am so thankful I didn't. Most of all, keep God first and foremost and everything else will fall into place!


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