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What is love Part 2

I will never see Kevin again.
I had his hoodie and left it on my porch tonight. I told myself (and God when I prayed) if he came over and knocked or asked if he could come in (he knew I was home) then I knew he cared about me and there was a possibility there was another chance for "us" to work out. If he didn't, he doesn't care. Although I knew I didn't want to see him because it would be even harder to move on and I didn't want to cry and I didn't want to cry and have him walk away like he did the night he broke up with me, part of me still wanted me to see him.

But I'm okay with this. This is what is best for me. I have learned a few things since we have broken up. Especially with what I want in a husband. I want someone that shares my passion with sports. I love watching football (I'm watching the Broncos game now!) and basketball and love going to games. How can I marry someone who just doesn't? I also love social media and that's wha…

What is love?

I have been dwelling on writing about my past relationship for awhile now. But I feel like now is the perfect time. It's been almost a month since Kevin broke up with me and my heart was broken to pieces. I could honestly say that he was my life. He was my love and he was all I knew for almost three years. He made me laugh and smile like nobody in the past could. He made me happier than anyone and anything and I was so happy with him. And now it's gone. I have not had my heart broken to pieces this much until now. I have never felt so alone. I have never felt so hurt. I have never felt so betrayed. Two nights ago he told me he was dating someone else and a few hours ago I looked at his Facebook page and there she was. What a jerk. But yet I still cling to him. I still want him to hold me. I still want him to snuggle me. I picture him walking up the stairs and saying, "Hi" to me as he comes over. And now it's like I don't exist. I fee alone. I feel sad. I feel…