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Happy Birthday to Me

Ten days ago I turned 30. I guess my birthday could have somehow been worse but let's just say that my amazing plans to spend my 30th in Paradise with Ryan who I hadn't seen in ten years....didn't happen. A day and a half before my flight I had the worst sore throat which led to a cough which is basically what I had right before New York. I knew right when it started that I would not be going to Hawaii. I knew it would knock me out. And sure enough I was at the doctor on my birthday. I should have been in Hawaii but I was so miserable. I worked until 3pm Monday and then stayed home for a few days. I moved my flight from Wednesday to Friday - trying to purposely force myself to get better - but unfortunately that is not how sickness works. So I decided to completely cancel my trip. Ugh. My 30th birthday was spent at home, on my couch, trying to sleep. Went to the doctors in the afternoon and they gave me an antibiotic. The sore throat went away after a few days and then I g…