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Seven Days - The Virus

I have been sick for seven days. This would be okay if I actually had energy and didn't want to sleep all day. I missed two days of work, worked-from-home one day, and then got sent home early when I did go into the office. This reminds me of a repeat of last Christmas where I was sick for two weeks. I had a massive ear infection followed by the sore throat and cough. This time it is the sore throat, cough, ears plugging, sinuses, and exhaustion. I went to the Doctor two days ago and he said it sounds like I have a virus that could last 5-14 days and gave me prescription cough medicine. If I don't get better in five days, he said he will prescribe antibiotics. So the last week all I have literally done is eat, sleep, and watch football. Sounds like the life for some I guess.

This also means I didn't go out this past weekend - although sometimes watching Football is more fun than going out :) I watched the Utes destroy Oregon, BYU losing, and Broncos will be playing in just…

Losing Weight Challenge and Goals

On Monday August 24, I went to the doctor and she said the scale cannot go up. I have been working hard at losing weight. I weighed in at 153lbs at the doctors office.

Mid-October I will be going to New York and for my birthday in December, I will be going to Hawaii. I want to look good and feel good by the time those days come. Below is my own tracking and updates since August 24. This is for my personal motivation and updated every day or every other day.

Goal = Workout 3X a week, get off birth control, drink more water than Coke

Monday August 25=Went to the gym, had about 1400 calories

Wednesday August 26= Did power yoga

Thursday August 27=Had over 50oz of water, two and a half coke zeros, went to a concert and did not eat anything there

Friday August 28 = Had over 50oz of water, only one and a half coke zeros, about 1700 calories

Saturday August 29=145.5lbs, 180+subway sandwich

Monday August 31= 147lbs after all meals for the day, had 85oz of water and feeling lighter

September 1=…