Seven Days - The Virus

I have been sick for seven days. This would be okay if I actually had energy and didn't want to sleep all day. I missed two days of work, worked-from-home one day, and then got sent home early when I did go into the office. This reminds me of a repeat of last Christmas where I was sick for two weeks. I had a massive ear infection followed by the sore throat and cough. This time it is the sore throat, cough, ears plugging, sinuses, and exhaustion. I went to the Doctor two days ago and he said it sounds like I have a virus that could last 5-14 days and gave me prescription cough medicine. If I don't get better in five days, he said he will prescribe antibiotics. So the last week all I have literally done is eat, sleep, and watch football. Sounds like the life for some I guess.

This also means I didn't go out this past weekend - although sometimes watching Football is more fun than going out :) I watched the Utes destroy Oregon, BYU losing, and Broncos will be playing in just a few hours. I have been very lonely as you can probably guess. No one wants to be around me because I'm sick and I have a hard time going anywhere because even shaving my legs drains all of my energy. I slept 12 hours last night and could still sleep for hours more. I did win a dress from a boutique this week and I did sell a shirt so those were my two highlights this week. New York is in three weeks and I cannot even believe it! I am so excited. I just hope this cold and virus is 100% gone or I will be miserable.

I am the type that can only be at home for a few days before I start going crazy. I am well beyond that point. I did go to a Boutique yesterday and did a few errands which could explain my exhaustion today. I have spent a lot of money because since I only leave the house to do errands, that usually requires spending money. If not, then I am online buying clothes :) Being sick has several downsides.

I went to the State Fair last Sunday - it was the last day and I really wanted to go so I called one of my guy friends (I won't provide his name) knowing that he would probably go. We had a good time. Had a lot of food and it was really really good - especially the funnel cake. He spent the night which was obviously really good. Then he came back over the next day and same thing. Then, I don't hear anything. Keep in mind him and I have been hanging out the last month or two so it's not just one time and that's it. Haven't heard from him all week. No reason behind it. Then see a picture of him and his ex-girlfriend on Facebook. That's the reason. Maybe I was just being used this whole time. But I did have a dream last night that he got this girl from High School pregnant. I told him last night not to talk to me again and then, of course, today regretted it. I messaged him and just told him that I felt like I was being ignored. Still haven't heard anything. The #1 thing that I absolutely cannot stand is being ignored. ESPECIALLY when I don't know if I did anything or what I did. If I did something, tell me. Instead, my mind wanders and I'll probably dream that you got with someone else and she's having your baby. Just sayin'. But the message did explain how I felt and so I do feel a little better letting him know.

In two months and five days, I will be in Paradise with Ryan. I am so excited to see him and my cousin in Hawaii for my birthday! I literally can't stop thinking about that trip and also have dreams about it. I haven't seen Ryan in over 10 years so it's exciting and nerve-wracking to think about! But being single, why not do something new or why not be daring? Do things that I wouldn't normally do. December 2 can't come soon enough!

I went to Gracie's last weekend with Andrea. Wow so much fun. It was pretty cool because we LITERALLY had guys lined up waiting to dance with us. That has never happened before. I have never had so many guys that actually wanted to talk to me and dance. But it was nice to have that after a month and a half of not being there. It was a nice little break but once I feel better, I'm sure I will want to go back out and dance. I feel like I have missed out on so much!  

I'll catch you up again when I'm not sick. x0x0


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