Happy Birthday to Me

Ten days ago I turned 30. I guess my birthday could have somehow been worse but let's just say that my amazing plans to spend my 30th in Paradise with Ryan who I hadn't seen in ten years....didn't happen. A day and a half before my flight I had the worst sore throat which led to a cough which is basically what I had right before New York. I knew right when it started that I would not be going to Hawaii. I knew it would knock me out. And sure enough I was at the doctor on my birthday. I should have been in Hawaii but I was so miserable. I worked until 3pm Monday and then stayed home for a few days. I moved my flight from Wednesday to Friday - trying to purposely force myself to get better - but unfortunately that is not how sickness works. So I decided to completely cancel my trip. Ugh. My 30th birthday was spent at home, on my couch, trying to sleep. Went to the doctors in the afternoon and they gave me an antibiotic. The sore throat went away after a few days and then I got a bad cough. The cough just barely stopped on December 11. Nine days after I was supposed to be in Hawaii. As unfortunate as it was, I am glad that I cancelled.

I saw Teddy on my birthday. He told me he liked me. He actually really liked me. He also said that relationship is the next step. Unfortunately his actions are showing quite opposite and we are always so up and down. I can't even try to be in a relationship with someone whose words speak louder than actions. I haven't seen him since.

Friday night since I was feeling extremely better, I decided to take some friends to the Jazz game since I got free tickets from work, lower bowl, row 11. I yelled....and I mean yelled for my Jazz. We had those inflatable stick things and just cheered the whole night. It was extremely exhausting but so. much. fun. I saw Andreas brother, Dallas, who I haven't seen in probably ten years. Andrea and I also took Randi and she is now officially our "side chick." :) Loving my ladies. Speaking of ladies, Angie is coming back into town over Christmas and New Years so we know it'll be a Gracies/Grizzlies/Jazz time when she is in town! And who knows...maybe some UK men :)

And finally. When we were at the game, I received a message from an.....old fling....on Facebook. He said he saw me on TV because he was watching the Jazz game. It's been six months since I have seen him and things did not end well back in June when we last saw each other. All I can think about is every negative thing that has happened leading up to this point. I went and saw him on Saturday with a completely open mind. Surprisingly, things went a lot better than I thought. That connection that used to be there, was still there. But more. I felt more connected.

My mind is analyzing and over-analyzing everything. I guess that's normal for me. I just went through my blogs the past year and they all say the same thing. I enjoy being single. I want a relationship but I enjoy the single life. But I literally feel like I am taking things slow and just taking time for me and my ladies. We went to Gracies after the Jazz game. It was pretty lame actually so we headed to Maxwell's for the first time. SO. FUN. I gave this guy my number. He was completely wasted and I told him four times he wouldn't remember me. He was the sweetest though. I haven't heard from him...yet. But I put my number in his phone so maybe one day he will wonder who I am. Not only was he cute but he asked if I could come hang out with him after Maxwell's. I told him no as it was 1am and we were ready to head home. He then asked if I wanted to do a double date brunch with him and his friend and one of my ladies.

Unfortunately that did not happen because he was too drunk to remember me. But maybe one day.


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