Contests and Giveaways- Are they worth it?

In January 2014, I started doing giveaways and sweepstakes through Facebook. I decided that I would discuss what it's all about and if it's worth the time. Sometimes I will spend hours on end just entering contests and giveaways. There are certain pages on Facebook that offer giveaways or sweepstakes and they do require liking the page, liking another social network, commenting on a post, liking a post, subscribing on YouTube, etc. Some are more extensive than others. I have to say that doing this has been 100% worth it. I have won countless prizes and even have birthday present and Christmas presents tucked away.

Below is a list of SOME of the stuff I have won or received.

Park City hotel stay in Luxury Suite
$100 JC Penney gift card
$100 Paypal cash
$50 Red Rock Brewery gift card
Two ItWorks skinny wraps
Seacret Scrub
Seacret sample skin care regimen pack
Countless headbands and beanies for my nieces
Oil samples
Shampoo and conditioner samples
$100 Tanger Outlet Gift Card
Countless discounts
Daddy's Pack - included backpack, changing pads, etc.
$10 Paypal Cash
Frozen-inspired dress
Three scented soaps
Jamberry nail samples
Nail polish set
Free Oreo's from Oreo
An initial necklace
Hot Wheels Bath Set
$5 Target Gift Card
Numerous Books and Cookbooks

If you want to know more or what pages I follow, please leave a comment below or ask me! Some of the giveaways require tagging someone and if I can tag you, that can help us both in winning! I would like to help you out as much as possible too! Good luck. 


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