Because I'm Happy

Friday: Tonight I feel like a blog post. Just because. Life has been so incredibly busy yet so good. Time has been spent on myself lately. I have gone to the gym the last four out of five days, took my niece to the Jazz game last night and finally get a night to just do whatever I want. And it feels amazing. It's the weekend, I'm not on-call, I went and worked out, showered, and here I am watching the Kardashians in my sweats. Amazing.

Sunday: I sometimes enjoy 3.5-day weekends. Especially since they don't happen that often. I also spent this weekend at the Jazz game with Jared. I met him two weeks ago at Liquid Joe's and I have to say, things have been good. I was thinking way too in-depth about how the game would go, things I would say, things that would happen, yet everything seemed to have happened better than I expected. The movie that we watched after was Inside Out which was the cutest* movie ever :)

Today consisted of working out (I'm on a serious roll here!), tanning, cupcakes (I did some experimenting since I'm making cupcakes for Mom's wedding in three weeks!), and watched the Jazz go into 2OT (unfortunately lost but it was an awesome game)! It's been a great weekend and another short week this week for me!

I have been focusing quite a bit on my cupcakes lately and loving it! I have had a few friends ask about cupcakes for their wedding in the summertime and I have two orders this weekend! One is Sophia the First and one is a Horse-theme! If you are interested in cupcakes - or to see my work, feel free to visit my Facebook page:!

The two guys that were previously mentioned in my blog I am no longer talking to. I am feeling positive changes and a new me in 2016. Sounds cliche, I know. So far it's been off to a great start. I have eliminated negativity from my life and looking forward to the future and what the future holds. Besides the resolutions that I set on the first of this month, I am also really focusing on not putting things off. Especially when it comes to things in my home. I have been cleaning more, making certain things a priority, and doing things even if I don't feel like it. I have been working out more and feeling great!

I have realized lately that what I want in a boyfriend/husband/SO, is nothing that should be compromised. If someone really wants to talk to me, they wouldn't be okay with not talking to me for a month or two. They also wouldn't be rude to me and have high expectations. Like impossible expectations. We are human. We make mistakes. (to make it up I'll do whatever it take...I love you like a fat kid love cake.....) We do things that we shouldn't do and do things that we don't realize we do. I deserve the best. I deserve a wonderful person and I am so much happier realizing this. <3 nbsp="" p="">

Things to look forward to:
1. It's a short week!
2. Cupcakes this weekend!
3. Working out + Losing Weight!
4. Family being here in 3 weeks for Mom's wedding!
5. Cousin and her family + Stephen out here in 4 weeks! 

Anyways, I'm going to go finish watching Miss. Congeniality (because, believe it or not, I DO watch movies!) :) x0x0


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