Abbie's Life: A Monthly Update

I realize it's been about a month and a half since my last blog. There is a reason for that. I usually write when I'm angry, upset, frustrated, or in some sort of dramatic mood. Things have been nice lately. Nice, peaceful, relaxing, busy, and not dramatic. Maybe that's what happens when you don't have high hopes for your dating life. I can't say I have given up on dating because I have gone on some dates. I think I'm just giving up on the idea that every person that I like wants to be with me. I'm also very much focused on myself, my book, and my cupcake business. I have had more cupcake orders so far in 2016 than I did all last year (I swear!) and I'm actually making a profit. In fact, here is some of the work I have done this year alone:

It's funny to look back to 2012-2013 and see the major improvements. If you like what you see, you can always visit my Facebook page: I have also been focusing on my book. I have sold about 58 books so far and currently working on a second book of my Dad and a book on Anxiety. Hopefully those will be published in the next year or two - compared to ten years it took to publish my first book. If you are wanting to read more, you can visit my Facebook page for Heaven's Hero: A True Story: Most importantly, I am taking care of myself. I have lost about 13 pounds since August of last year and I have lost four pounds this month alone on Nutrisystem. I have also been counting calories and working out so some of my week is consumed by that. 

On my way to getting healthier, I am also building positive relationships around me. I have gotten rid of any negative energy and negative people so that I can live my life as close to drama-free as possible. In my blogs, there always seems to be one guy. A new guy I like, a new guy I met, and this blog post is no different. There is a guy who I like BUT I'm not going to get my hopes up. I'm not going to try hard. I am over the games. He already is different though. In my mind there are two guys (and these two guys are guys I know, so this is a real story). One of which comes over for the first time, doesn't compliment me, doesn't compliment my home, doesn't really say anything that builds me up. Words or lack-of-words affect me. If someone says something rude, even if truthful, I do take that to heart and it hurts. If someone doesn't really care much about me or my life or my changes, I don't really need them in my life. This other guy, guy two, comes over, says how much he loves my house, tells me I look good, and keep in mind, this is always good to hear. Someone that likes you, or at least SHOWS they like you, makes all the difference. 

This Summer though, I'm not going to focus on relationships. I want to do everything. I want to go to every event, every concert, and up to this point, I have already done some of that:

-Grizzlies Games
-Jazz Games
-Rihanna Concert (Ticket Bought, Wednesday)
-Jason Aldean (Ticket Bought, June)

Summer list:

-Luke Bryan Concert
-Old School Throwback Concert
-Tim McGraw at Stadium of Fire
-Florida Georgia Line Concert
-Slide the City

On that note, the last month and half has consisted of: Dates, Basketball (Go Warriors!), one new man who probably won't be mentioned in my next blog, and a newer, healthier me! Things have been great! I'm off to the gym! 

Thanks for reading:)

x0x0 Abbs


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